The Grinder
The Grinder

The Grinder

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Ever wanted to jump on top of a dildo and grind? Well, the Grinder (made of 100% Black Obsidian) is the perfect sensual accompaniment for ”top” folks who like to sit on top of a phallic object and rock their hips back and forth or up and down to reach climax. Since this toy has a flat flared base, it can also be placed atop a chair, bed or on the floor, allowing you to slowly and gently slide down your vagina over the sleek, black crystal - letting it fill you up whilst you straddle it. The flared base also makes it compatible for anal stimulation and penetration.

The Grinder is also ideal for belly massage. When massaging your belly, rub the flared base in a clockwise direction to help with digestion and easeful bowel movement and gas release. Simply add a few drops of coconut oil or your favourite lubricant - we love our “Yoni Elixir” Oil - and add gentle pressure over the stomach, liver, spleen, pancreas and intestines. We recommend 10 slow circles with the belly massager once a day.


  • 13.8 length x  4.6 bulbous end x 6.2 base width x 3.6 neck- cms  

  • 5.4 length x  1.8 bulbous end x 2.4 base width x 1.4 neck- inches 

  • 450 grams

*Each Pleasure Wand is a lovingly crafted work of art, which may be unique in colour, size, weight, natural impurities and crystalline inclusions and lines.


  • The Grinder comes with our gorgeous branded pouch for safe keeping

  • Brochure with instructions

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