Women’s Nude Yoga with Rosie is not just about practicing yoga in the nude, it is a practice in vulnerability, courage and radical self acceptance. Simply turning up to the workshop is a major feat for some women and enough to change their entire life.

Women of all ages, shapes, sizes and shades come along for a powerful 3 hour immersion in surrender, softening and letting go of our acquired armour, masks, masculinity, shame & body insecurities, which we gather over time from not feeling or believing we are “good enough”, especially in relation to the media’s current standard of “beauty”.

Taught in a safe, honouring, candle-lit space, the workshop is a celebration of our sensual, female form and is journeyed beautifully through breath, sound and movement. The class encourages women to shed what no longer serves them by unveiling their beautiful bodies amongst other imperfectly-perfect.


PERTH 7 Sept 2024:

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5.30pm - 9.30pm Energy Cntr Yoga, 260 Stirling Street Perth

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Each workshop follows a constructed method that makes women feel safe, held, honoured and respected. The space is well heated, candle-lit and private for an ultimate “womb-like” feel to allow women to feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable and shed their layers.

Although most workshops follow the same structure, each theme is completely different – varying from “Reclaiming Your Power” to “Sensual Awakening”.

All women are welcome, including trans women and non-binary folk with a vulva.

  • A gorgeous, private, candle-lit and warmed yoga space
  • A safe environment to be completely real, raw, vulnerable and authentic
  • 45 mins of gentle naked yoga (usually a yin yoga perfect for beginners)
  • Authentic sharing circle of women
  • Breath, sound and movement “express & release" techniques to release fear from the body
  • Partner vulnerability exercises
  • Lots of time to relax and journal
  • Sensuous snacks to celebrate our liberation
  • A photo available for willing participants at the end (not compulsory!)

Tickets range from AUD $129 - $220

Prices for workshops range depending on location and if Rosie is travelling interstate for a workshop.

No refunds are available if you change your mind. However, your ticket can be transferred to a friend, or you can choose to attend a workshop at a later date. If you choose to attend a workshop on a different date due to unforeseen circumstances or emergency, you have 12 months to use your ticket.

What To Bring To The Workshop?

2 x Towels

One towel to place on the mat (for hygiene reasons) and one towel for the bolster

Yoga Mat

Your owny oga mat

Water Bottle

Stay hydrated during the practice

Sarong or robe

to wrap around you before we practice the yoga

An open mind and heart

Be open and experience the session

A blanket

to cover yourself during relaxation, if you so wish.


After the evening, I felt more connected to my soul's purpose and how I want to continue on my own journey of self-love and non-judgement.

Amy, 37

I felt simply amazing!! Liberated and did in fact sleep well. I’m an insomniac and actually dreamt for the next 2 nights in a row, I don’t remember the last time I remembered a dream.

Tess, 48
Los Angeles, CA

I have been looking at my body differently since the workshop and want to cultivate the most loving and healthy relationship with my vessel.

Sam, 38

I  want to spend more time naked! A few days after the workshop I went for a run at the beach by my house and ended up just taking my clothes off and skinny dipping instead. I went back home and spent most of the day (until work) nude, and it was so enjoyable.

Jessika, 27

I felt so inspired and motivated directly after the workshop, followed by a mental and physical exhaustion that lasted throughout the next day. The workshop ignited/uncovered so much energy and potential and emotion in me and I feel like it was invigorating and exhausting all at once!

Jennifer, 53

The highlight for me was feeling vulnerable and feeling like I could just be the complete authentic version of me with no judgement from anyone.

Beth, 45


Yes. However we don't start fully naked. You have full permission to get naked whenever you please.

During the yoga we wear no underwear, bras or clothes. Just you and your birthday suit!

Often I get asked if you can wear underwear, however that defeats the purpose. If you are bleeding, you may wear a tan G-string or knickers, however you are also able to wear a tampon or moon cup in this situation.

Women arrive to the studio dressed and then get changed into a sarong, kimono or robe. Each studio I teach these workshops has a private space to get changed.


It's completely normal to be fearful, anxious or nervous before a Nude Yoga class, since being seen and witnessed naked is a legitimate fear for many people. Once you book in the ticket there is a process of feelings and emotions that arise; waves of nerves, excitement, fear and thrill. Simply witness and observe these waves of emotions. If you feel stuff "come up", feel into it and allow it to rise and fall away. Try not to analyse too much, otherwise you will talk yourself out of it. My advice is to book in, forget about it, and then just turn up. Enjoy the process.

Just remember: If not now, when? If not who, than me?

First of all, don't panic. It's ok!

I have taught many a nude yoga class on my period and I survived! In fact, I enjoyed the sensitivity and vulnerability that's heightened from the experience.

You can either wear a tampon (and tuck the string inside) or wear a moon cup. Perhaps bring a dark coloured towel to sit on on the yoga mat in case of any leakages.

If you're not comfortable with either of these options, you may wear tan coloured underwear with a pad.

It's a personal choice, and I respect your decision. There is no reason why you can't join the class if you are on your moon. What a powerful experience if you are bleeding!

There is such a diverse cross section of women who attend these workshops. Women of ALL ages, colours, shapes and sizes and women who have body image issues as well as women who are comfortable with nudity.

I usually cap the numbers at about 15 - 20 to keep the class intimate.

A yoga mat

A towel

A kimono (or purchase with ticket or on my online shop)

A sarong (to put over your body during savasana)

A bottle of water

An open mind and heart!

We bare all to experience ultimate vulnerability, as it take strength and courage to be vulnerable enough to step out of our comfort zone.

Being naked around other people is a common fear for many people as they are plagued with body image issues, insecurities and inhibitions. By removing clothes, we remove layers of status, judgement, masks, fear, sexuality, separation and preconceptions. By removing layers it enables you to come closer to the other people in room, as we all become equal!

The yoga is very gentle, restorative and a Hatha-based practice, and is perfect for people who have NO yoga experience and people who have tonnes of yoga experience. During the class we practice a lot of ground-work postures, breath work exercises and sometimes long-hold restorative, yin poses. The yoga is non-invasive and aimed to raise your body awareness and life-force energy. This yoga is perfect for beginners.

No. There are no men in the studio when we practice. It’s a women’s only practice. Unless we are practicing Couples Nude Yoga, in which case there are men in the room.

Often you might see photographs of the women after the class celebrating their first nude yoga class with a selfie. This is with complete consent. The women in these photographs choose to be in photograph.

There is absolutely no expectation or pressure to take a photo after the class. In some classes all the women have wanted a group photo (of their bums and backs - no nipples), and in other classes none of the women wanted photographs taken. It just depends on the group.

After the yoga class and a relaxing savasana, we share our experience and feast together on sensual snacks.

From personal experience I would not organise to do anything after the class as for some women it can be a very moving experience. I suggest going home, having a hot bath, a herbal tea and bed! Bask in your own magnificence.

Women have shared that they have never felt so elated, ecstatic, free, liberated and in love with themselves in their entire life.

The simple act of getting naked is profound for many women as we have often been shamed for our bodies, judged, compared to, abused and embarrassed by the way we look, particularly in comparison to what the beauty industry preaches to the masses.

Some women will comment that they have the best sleep or best sex of their lives after Nude Yoga because they have released all inhibitions!

A lot of women feel sensual, embodied, sexy, wild, feminine, FREE!

Other women might feel tired, depleted, exhausted, emotional, tender, shameful (because of old patterns and conditioning).

For more insight, read the testimonials below...


My Facebook group, Yoni Pleasure Palace has over 25000 women and is a safe space to ask questions related to sex, love, self pleasure and relationships!