How to Use a Yoni Egg

Everything You Need to Know About Yoni Eggs

Yoni in Sanskrit translates to 'sacred temple' and refers to a woman's vagina. It is exactly how I would like you to start thinking of your yoni from now on -- as a sacred, beautiful, powerful temple. So many women have never connected to their magical, profound, feminine power due to trauma, cultural beliefs, or other experiences.

I'm here today to help you step into your magical feminine power through the use of one of my most beloved practices -- the Yoni Egg.

I will explain what a yoni egg is, how to use a yoni egg, benefits of yoni eggs, frequently asked questions about yoni eggs, who should not use yoni eggs, how to choose your yoni egg, and so much more!

What Are Yoni Eggs?

A yoni egg is an egg-shaped stone that can be worn inside your vagina. It acts as a weight resistance to help train and strengthen the muscles in your pelvic floor.

Yoni eggs -- also referred to as a love stone, jade egg, vagina egg, kegel egg, or sex egg -- first emerged in ancient China as a practice for strengthening the vagina.

Originally, the practice was kept secret and reserved for members of the royal family. With time, it gained notoriety for its ability to help improve the spiritual, sexual, and physical health of women.

This wonderful tool helps tone and strengthen the muscles in the lower abdomen, pelvic region, and urogenital diaphragms. These muscles act as a support system for all of our vital organs.

Think of this area as the bottom of the grocery bag. If the bottom of the bag gets wet, it weakens and the groceries (your internal organs) lose support. We want to keep this area structurally strong and healthy! Strong muscles in this region provide crucial structural support for our internal organs and prevent leakage of our sexual energy.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Yoni Egg?

Yoni eggs boast a wide variety of benefits. Using your Yoni Egg may help with:

Decreasing symptoms of PMS, breast discomfort, and menstrual cramps

Reducing symtoms of menopauseIncreasing the frequency and intensity of your orgasmsIncreasing vaginal lubrication for more comfortable sex

Balancing estrogen levels

Harmonizing your emotions

Overcoming trauma such as sexual abuse

Developing a healthy relationship with your sexuality and intimacy

Giving increaesed pleasure to your partner thanks to your muscle, confidence, and connection to yourselfIncreased bladder control

Strengthening the muscles in the pelvic region

Awakening your libido, passion, and creative energy

Control over the vaginal muscles

How Do Yoni Eggs Work?

Most women's vaginas are in need of some love and healing. Correctly, consciously, and consistently using a Jade Egg increases your connection with your yoni and can even help new nerves grow in the vaginal and pelvic region. It expands pleasure potential, awakens your 'sleeping beauty', increases sexual vitality, and so much more.

Yogi Eggs and Trauma

Many women are surprised to learn that they should not experience any vaginal pain. In the majority of cases, any physical pain they do experience is a result of emotional trauma, not physical trauma.

Most vaginal pain represents repressed emotions, trauma, or beliefs about sexuality. Try to pay special awareness to these areas.

In terms of sexual trauma, even if you have spent years talking about it and working through it, the trauma is still stored in your tissues. Lovingly and consciously using a Jade Egg can be a powerful tool for repatterning cellular memory and regaining a healthy, confident balance within your tissues.

Often, our traumas are blocking some of our most potent abilities and gifts. Once we remove these blockages, we can tap into our most powerful selves.

How Do I Use My Yoni Egg?

If you are curious how to get started with a yoni egg, I'll explain a break down of the guidelines here.

As a general rule of thumb, it is important to start slow.

In the beginning, I do not recommend keeping your yoni egg inside for more than around an hour. Some women report cramping in the ovaries or lower belly. If you experience this, gently remove the egg and take note of your energy and what you are feeling. It may be a reaction to emotions getting stirred up. Observe your thoughts and energy and write them down if you choose.

Before starting, find a comfortable, safe, welcoming space to enjoy your practice. If you wish, you can play soft music, light incense, or light candles. Remember, your yoni is to be treated with reverence and respect.

Do not push your yoni egg in immediately or rush the process. Practice awareness and take your time.

A loving self-breast massage is an ideal way to start the practice. Simply caress your breasts in a loving, caring, gentle manner however you desire. This helps warm up your body, stimulate hormone secretion, and lubricate your yoni prior to inserting the egg.

How To Insert A Yoni Egg

Once you have prepped your sacred space and warmed up your body, you can begin with your jade egg. To introduce the yoni egg to your body and warm it up, lie on your back and put the jade egg on your lower belly. Take a few moments to breathe deeply and begin to soften any tense areas with your breath.

Once you feel comfortable and fully ready to insert the egg, place the larger end of the jade egg near your vagina and move the egg in slow, gentle circles. As you continue circling, slowly allow the egg to go inside.

Another option for inserting your yoni egg is to squeeze and relax your yoni, allowing a suction to be created that will slowly bring the egg in naturally.formation about your brand with your customers.

My Top Beginner Yoni Egg Exercises

Remember to go slow, eliminate any judgment, and trust your intuition as you begin yoni exercises. I recommend spending at least a few minutes when doing any of these exercises.

Here are my top 4 jade egg exercises to get you on your way to claiming your sexual confidence and truly connecting with your feminine energy and power.

Yoni Egg Exercise #1: Lying on your back

This yoni egg exercise is particularly wonderful for childbirth preparation, g-spot development, and squirting orgasms.

To do this yoni egg exercise:

Inhale and squeeze your yoni as much as you can for several seconds. Exhale and let yourself relax completely.Inhale as you bring your tailbone up. Exhale as you let your tailbone drop back down.Exhale and push the egg as if you are trying to get it out, but do not push so hard that it actually comes out. This movement might feel similar to a bowel movement.Relax completely and breathe

Yoni Egg Exercise #2: Straight Legs

This yoni egg exercise also involves laying on your back. To perform this exercise, follow these steps:

Lie down and keep your legs straight outWhile keeping your legs straight, flex your right foot while simultaneously pointing your left foot (pretend you are switching your feet as if you are stepping on two different pedals)When flexing your right foot, flex the right side of your vaginal musclesWhen flexing your left foot, flex the left side of your vaginal musclesRepeat 10 times

In the beginning, this exercise may feel difficult. It will take time to find the vaginal muscles on each side. Enjoy the fun challenge it provides and keep practicing. You will be surprised at the progress you make and how connected to your yoni you will become as you continue practicing.

Yoni Egg Exercise #3: Sitting

This yoni exercise can be performed sitting down. It is important to follow this exercise with a period of relaxed breathing.

Inhale and squeeze the yoni egg as much as possibleExhale and completely relaxExhale again and push the egg out, but not so strong that it comes out all the way.Squeeze the yoni egg 50 times in a row as quickly as possible

Yoni Egg Exercise #4: Daily Activities

You can also do yoni exercises during your day-to-day tasks. Excellent activities to do while wearing your yoni egg include:

Sleep with your jade egg in (simply insert it prior to going to sleep)Wear it throughout your regular day and remember to give your yoni egg a squeeze from time to timeWear your yoni egg while at workHoolahoop while wearing your jade eggBellydance while wearing your jade eggPractice yoga or meditate while wearing your yoni egg

It will take time to build up to wearing your yoni egg for several hours throughout the day. Do not force or rush the process. Enjoy each moment, trust your body, leave judgment behind, and be proud of yourself for awakening and appreciating your sexual power.

Yoni Egg Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Care for My Yoni Egg?

Your yoni egg is a sacred tool. As such, it such be treated with respect and thoughtfully cared for -- not stored next to your toothbrush or thrown on your nightstand. Many women choose to wrap it in silk and store it in a designated space when not in use.

After using your yoni egg, rinse it with water, clean the drilled hole (if necessary), and wrap it in a soft cloth.

Before using your yoni egg for the first time or when it is in need of a deep clean, wash it twice in warm water with a non-scented, natural, organic body soap designed for sensitive skin and let it air dry.

You can wipe your jade egg using a cotton gauze dipped in vodka or other hard alcohol (not rubbing alcohol). Wash it thoroughly under warm water after doing this.

You can also boil a pot of water, remove it from the stove, and allow it to cool until it is comfortable enough for you to put a finger in it. If desired, feel free to add a few drops of tea tree essential oil to the water. Then, allow your egg to sit in the water between 10 and 15 minutes. Never boil your yoni egg as it may compromise its quality.

Occasionally, assess the look and feel of your jade egg. If you feel it needs an energetic reset, feel free to leave it under the full sun or moon to give it a burst of Lunar or Solar Energy.

What Is the Difference Between Drilled and Undrilled Yoni Eggs

Drilled yoni eggs have a hole to place a string through. This allows the egg to be pulled out using the string. Drilled yoni eggs can also be used without a string.

Should I Choose a Drilled or Undrilled Yoni Egg?

If you like the thought of being able to take your yoni egg out at any time, the drilled egg might be your best option.

Since they are easier to clean after using, some women prefer undrilled yoni eggs.

With that said, every aspect of exploring your feminine power and tapping into your true sexual potential comes down to trusting your intuition. If you are not comfortable with an undrilled egg just yet, started with a drilled jade egg. As you gain experience, you can always choose an undrilled egg later.

As long as you are taking it slow, trusting yourself, and appreciating your progress, you are on the right path!

Should I String My Jade Egg?

What if I lose my egg and can't get it out of my vagina? This is a question I hear a lot from women. If you have concerns like this, a jade egg with a string might be the best option for you. Rest assured, though, that if you do not string it, you cannot lose it. The cervix is far too tight to allow anything to enter it.

Adding a string to your jade egg does allow for some advanced exercises, such as attaching a weight to the string and doing some weight lifting with your yoni!

How Do I Remove My Yoni Egg?

If your yoni egg has a string, you can gently pull on the string to remove the egg.

You can also lie down, breath and relax, and then exhale as you push out the egg.
If this does not get the egg out, you can also assist yourself using your fingers. You can also squat and bear down with your pelvic muscles if you need a little more help getting your jade egg out.

Your yoni egg may also expel itself at times. When this happens, know that your body was ready to expel it and rest.

Whether your yoni has a string or not, never be forceful or rushed with removal. Be gentle and concise with your movements and remember that it will not get stuck.

Once your yoni egg is out, it is a good time to take a breath and observe your energy. Some women prefer to finish with a short breast massage to draw energy to the heart.

We offer both drilled and undrilled eggs and the option to have your egg stringed for you.

Which Size Yoni Egg Is Right for Me?

As a general suggestion, women who are over 50 or who have given birth should start with a larger egg. Otherwise, a medium-sized yoni egg is usually a great size to start with.

Small eggs are best for advanced practitioners that have mastered control of their muscles and wish to continue advancing their practice.

How Often Should I Wear My Jade Egg?

Although exercises are excellent for enhancing your yoni egg experience, you can absolutely reap benefits simply by wearing it. Regardless of whether you are sleeping or doing chores, your egg is working its magic!

I recommend starting with around 2 hours of daily wear 3 times per week. In general, it is fine to wear your jade egg for up to 12 hours. As always, it is best to trust your intuition. After 12 hours, it is good to let your yoni rest and clean your egg.

If you find yourself having trouble holding your yoni egg in throughout your day, you can start by sitting with the egg inside you for 10 to 15 minutes several times per week. As you do this, focus on squeezing it and seeing if you can feel your yoni egg. As you do this more often, your muscles will increase to the point where you can walk around while wearing your jade egg.

Is It Possible To Use My Yoni Egg Too Much?

Yes, it is possible to wear your jade egg too much. In fact, practicing too often or too intensely can create too much tone that leaves you with vaginal tightness.

The goal is to connect you with your yoni and work to keep it toned and flexible. Overstressing the muscles can create too much tension that impedes the delicate pleasure pathways and get in the way of your full pleasure potential. Alternatively, only using your egg once in a great while before you go to sleep will likely lead to minimal results.

Do I Need to Use Lubricant With My Yoni Egg?

Lubricant can absolutely enhance your yoni egg experience. Be sure to choose an organic, non-toxic lubricant. Organic extra virgin coconut oil makes an excellent option or I sell a pH balanced, organic lubricant that is:

Available in water based or oil based formulasFree of hidden synthetic chemicalsPlant-basedBeneficial to the skin and mucosaFree of all known mucosal irritants

I Cannot Keep My Jade Egg Inside - What Can I Do?

Since most women have never exercised their yoni before, a jade egg falling out is a common issue. But don't worry or be discouraged! What matters is that you have taken the step to move toward embracing your feminine magic. Once you practice consistently, results will come quickly.

I Do Not Feel My Yoni Egg - Is This Normal?

First, be aware that the smaller the yoni egg, the harder it is to feel. It is normal for the egg to be unnoticeable at time. If you did feel it at all times, it may be too distracting to wear.

Your jade egg is meant to help you become more aware of your vagina and its inner workings. Simply by wearing your jade egg -- whether you feel it or not -- can help increase your control and sensitivity in that region. When possible, focus on squeezing in your pelvic area or giving your yoni egg a "hug" to see if you can notice its delicate presence.

My Yoni Egg Is Stuck - What Do I Do?

The most important thing to do first is breathe. Do not panic or get frustrated. Remind yourself that a yoni egg can only travel so far and it is impossible for it to go past your cervix.

Relax, breathe, trust the process, and view this as an opportunity to get to know your body even further.

Adding lubrication can help expel the egg. Continue to relax and breathe deeply and calmly. Try squatting or sitting on the toilet and being ready to catch the egg if necessary. You can try gently using a clean finger to guide the egg out. Avoid pushing hard or creating any discomfort.

Just like other muscles, vaginal muscles can tense up in response to stress. So the calmer you stay, the easier it will be to get your jade egg out. If needed, you can leave the egg in longer than 12 hours and wait until you are calm enough to try again.

Keep practicing, stay positive, stay consistent, and soon expelling the expelling your yoni egg will come naturally.

Remember that a drilled yoni egg with a string is a great option if you are particularly concerned about removing the egg.

Can I Use a Yoni Egg in My Rectum?

Yoni eggs are not intended for use in the rectum as they are at risk of becoming stuck.

How Do I Choose a Yoni Egg?

We cover this exact question in depth here.

What Do I Do If My Yoni Egg Falls in the Toilet?

First, if this happens, do not be embarrassed -- it is not the first time this has happened to someone, I promise! It is totally normal for the egg to inadvertently come out when you are going to the bathroom, so it doesn't hurt to be prepared to catch it.

If it does fall in the toilet ball, be sure to inspect it for any cracks or damage. As long as it is intact, it is safe to use again after you wash it and sterilize it.

Who Should Not Use Yoni Eggs?

When in doubt, check with your medical practitioner prior to beginning yoni egg exercises. Jade eggs are not recommended for:

Pregnant womenWomen with a sexually transmitted diseaseWomen with any type of internal infection such as ovarian, uterine, or cervical inflammationWomen with rectal, bladder, or vaginal prolapseWomen with preexisting health conditions, especially any that affect your pelvic floor. Please consult a medical professional prior to beginning your Yoni Egg practice.

For more advice on when you should not wear your yoni egg and advice on some of the best times to wear it, our blog "When NOT to Wear Your Yoni Egg" covers this topic more in-depth.

Can I Wear a Jade Egg with an IUD?

It is best to double-check with your medical practitioner, but in general, women with an IUD (intrauterine device) can use a yoni egg. Contraceptive IUDs are specifically designed to withstand dildo penetration, sexual intercourse, and menstrual cups, so a yoni egg is not going to dislodge it.

I find that many women with IUD's prefer non-drilled eggs to avoid a string getting caught on the IUD. While there are no reports of this occurring, I agree non-drilled is best in this case just to be safe.

Can I Wear My Yoni Egg During Sex?

Yes, it is safe to wear during intercourse and may even assist with amplifying your orgasm or filling the gap if your partner's penis is on the small side.

Can I Use a Yoni Egg After Giving Birth?

Yes! Jade eggs are an amazing post-birth tool that can assist in restoring strength and elasticity to your uterus, vagina, and pelvis. Check with your healthcare practitioner prior to beginning or resuming your yoni egg practices after childbirth.

Can I Use My Yoni Egg During My Period?

Though it is not outright dangerous, I recommend giving your uterus space during menstruation rather than adding an extra stimulus.

Your monthly flow is an essential and sacred time of releasing and letting go, not just in physical terms but emotionally as well. Shedding this old layer requires space in the vaginal canal and downward motion. As the yoni egg practice is upward, wearing your egg during this time creates opposing forces.

Also, there is a good chance you are wearing your Menstrual Cup during your flow, leaving no room for an egg anyway! If you have never heard of a menstrual cup, please reach out to me with any questions about this money-saving, convenient, environmentally-friendly way to embrace your flow. We sell medical-grade, silicone, FDA approved menstrual cups that include an instructional video.

With that said, the choice is ultimately up to you. If you feel comfortable using it during your period, trust your intuition.

Which Yoni Egg Should I Start With?

For your first yoni egg, we generally recommend a medium drilled yoni egg. We recommend using specific yoni egg string (be sure to change it every time you use it).

If you have had two or more vaginal births, the larger egg may be the best size to start with, since less vaginal contraction is needed to hold it in place.

We recommend a smaller size if you have yet to have sexual intercourse or have an over-active pelvic floor.

Purchase a Yoni Egg

We offer a range of beautiful, high-quality rose quartz yoni eggsand Indian jade eggs in a variety of options. Choose from different sizes, drilled or undrilled, and string or no string.

If you need help choosing the best yoni egg for you, please feel free to reach out to me.

Final Thoughts

It takes courage to celebrate our sexuality and honor ourselves and I applaud you for being here and taking the time to learn. Reading this means you are moving towards embodying your true feminine power, accepting yourself, and appreciating your sacred temple. For that, I am so proud of you!

I am excited to see your journey to true self-acceptance and love and am here for you on the way. I encourage you to join my private Facebook Group to ask any question at any time in a completely safe, welcoming place.


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