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Sexual Wellness Entrepreneur

Rosie is the owner of Yoni Pleasure Palace™, Splash Blanket™ & Yinn Body™

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Founder of Naked Awakening™

A powerful 4 hour women's nude yoga workshop designed to help women love & accept their naked body.

Founder of Splash Blanket™

Rosie is the founder of world-renowned waterproof "squirt" blankets used for sex, self pleasure and messy intimate moments.

Rosie's Brands

Yoni Pleasure Palace™

Yoni Pleasure Palace is the world’s leading alternative sexual wellness company, founded in 2014 by Sex & Relationship Coach Rosie Rees.


Splash Blanket™

What started as the worlds most luxurious waterproof blanket is now the worlds leading luxury, waterproof soft goods brand. Splash Blanket, make a mess because we love being on clean up duty.


Yinn Body™

When we remember that intimacy is the glue in a relationship, we understand the importance of creating sensual moments both solo and with a lover.



Influencers We've Worked With


with her Rosie Pleasure Wand and Rose Quartz Yoni Egg


with her Nephrite Jade Egg


with her Clear Quartz Yoni Egg


An empowering online course designed to support you in the art of Gspot orgasm and female ejaculation. Join me and learn how to squirt during self pleasure and how to let go and squirt with your partner!