How To Use The Cervix Serpent™ to Stimulate All Your Erogenous Zones

Think you can only experience pleasure in one or two ways? Or are you tired of relying on your vibrator or feeling desensitized and need to reconnect with yourself?

Thanks to multiple erogenous zones, women can experience pleasure and orgasms in several ways. Here, we’ll cover how and why to find three internal erogenous zones and an easy guide to using a glass wand to de-armour the vagina and activate these areas for mind-blowing pleasure.

What Are the Different Erogenous Zones?

While the clitoris is an undeniably amazing way to experience self-pleasure and orgasm, other zones often get ignored or misunderstood.

Because of different neural connections in each area, these zones all offer their unique pleasure potential. Some zones will offer more superficial sensations while other areas will result in deep, wavelike pleasure that resonates through your entire body.

The Cervix Serpent™, is intentionally designed for activating the different pleasure zones.

Here’s a breakdown of three different ‘zones’ or ‘areas’ that offer amazing internal pleasure potential.

1. The G-spot

The G-spot is arguably one of the most famous female pleasure zones. It is also known as the Graffenberg spot (named after a guy, ironically) or the female prostate.

When aroused, it can swell and even lead to female ejaculation.

How to the find G-spot:

To find the G-spot or G-zone, use your fingers (about one or two knuckles in) to trace up the front wall of your vagina. The area will have a different texture that may feel bumpy or spongy.

How to stimulate the G-spot:

Use your fingers to make a “come-hither” motion on the front wall of the vagina. Experiment with different strokes, speeds, and pressures to see what feels best.

You can use one or two fingers, different motions (circles, side to side), and varying degrees of repetition. Take your time and enjoy the journey. A glass pleasure wand is also an amazing way to make the G-spot swell with pleasure (more on this later).

2. The A-spot (Anterior Fornix)

The A-spot, or anterior fornix, is an amazing pleasure zone on its own or combined with clitoral stimulation for a blended orgasm. Activating this area is an amazing way to promote natural lubrication.

How to find the A-spot:

The A-spot is fairly deep inside, making it an ideal zone to stimulate with a glass pleasure wand. It is located on the front vaginal wall, in front of the cervix and above the G-spot.

How to stimulate the A-spot:

Upon stimulation, the A-spot generally feels cushiony as it swells. As with the G-spot, the ‘come-hither’ motion works well in this zone. You can experiment with different motions and amounts of pressure, but this area tends to respond best to continuous, prolonged stimulation of at least 10 to 20 minutes.

3. The C-spot (Cervix)

Your cervix can be an amazing source of bliss, but for some women, it can also feel numb or painful during sex or self-pleasure. In this case, the cervix needs a loving, gentle touch to facilitate healing and surrender.

When you touch your cervix, you can receive a wealth of information if you tune in to yourself and pay close attention to the different sensations. When you learn to surrender to these sensations, the results can be otherworldly!

How to find your C-Spot:

If you aren’t sure how to find your cervix, first work on building a relationship with it. For many women, this can be a layered, emotional journey that requires time and commitment.

The cervix has a different feel than the rest of the vagina that feels like raised, firm, doughnut-shaped tissue.

How to stimulate the C-Spot:

Work on learning to deeply relax and connect with the sensations you feel. The Cervix responds best to consistent, slow, deep pressure combined with subtle movements.

Because this area can be trickier to reach and locate, I highly recommend a glass pleasure wand for stimulating it. With a longer length, ergonomic curvature, and dual ends, a glass pleasure wand like the Cervix Serpent can make it easier to stimulate the cervix and connect with yourself.

What Is the Best Pleasure Wand for Activating these Pleasure Zones?

You can use your or your partner’s fingers to find and activate these different pleasure zones. However, a glass pleasure wand can make the process easier and even more enjoyable.

If you experience numbness, pain, or tension during self-pleasure or sex, a glass wand is excellent for use in de-armouring the yoni.

Our best selling pleasure wand, The Cervix Serpent™, is intentionally designed for activating these different pleasure zones. With its extra length, curved shape, and dual-ended design, it is especially amazing and effective for de-armouring the cervix, releasing pelvic tension, and bringing about cervical orgasms.

Available in 3 sizes, it can be customised according to your desires and needs. Here’s a quick look at the different sizes, but feel free to ask me for specific sizing recommendations if you are unsure.

  • The Cervix Serpent™ 1.0 – Perfect for vaginal massage and G-zone stimulation
  • The Cervix Serpent™ 2.0 – A larger ribbed head for G-Zone stimulations, cervical de-armouring, and more pronounced ribbed swirls for added pleasure
  • The Cervix Serpent™ 3.0 – An ideal wand for women who struggle with vaginal tightness or pelvic floor tension and want a wand for de-armouring and G-zone massage

The Cervix Serpent is available in 3 sizes

The Cervix Serpent Features

Benefits of the Cervix Serpent Glass Pleasure Wand include:

  • Made of 100% Borosilicate glass
  • S-shape to naturally match the curved shape of a woman’s vagina
  • The longer length makes it easier to hold and maneuver internally without tiring out your wrists
  • Body safe
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Temperature responsive (can be cooled or heated up for added pleasure sensations)
  • Non-porous and hygienic
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Fracture-resistant
  • Textured bumps and ridges for extra stimulation
  • Compatible with all lubricant types
  • Waterproof and lightweight
  • Eco-friendly packaging

How to Use the Cervix Serpent Pleasure

Here’s a step-by-step guide to Using the Cervix Serpent Pleasure Wand for self-exploration, vaginal massage, de-armouring, and internal bliss. I also offer a Guided Audio Ritual for Dearmouring if you’d like additional support through the process.

Step 1: Using warm soapy water, wash the wand. Experiment with cool or warm water temperatures to see which you enjoy using the most.

Step 2: Create a love nest by forming a comfortable space with blankets, pillows, and your favourite music or lighting. This can be in your bedroom, living room, or any space in your home you feel safe, secure, and at ease. You can use your bed, the floor, or a couch. We highly recommend laying down a waterproof squirt blanket…just in case.

Step 3: Add your favourite lubricant to help create a nice slippery sensation as you use the wand.

Step 4: Take some “yoni breaths” (deep belly breaths) and relax your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor

Step 5: Once you are relaxed, ask your yoni for permission to receive the Cervix Serpent. If your yoni is open to it, use the slimmer end of the wand and insert it gently inside your vagina. Press the wand on the upper wall and hold it there for four deep breaths

If you feel some discomfort or tension, breathe through it. It is normal to feel various sensations, some of which may be uncomfortable and need to be worked through. However, it is not meant to feel sharp or painful – if it does, stop the practice and try again at another time.

After four deep breaths, notice how you feel when you release the wand. Do you sense emotions rising? Memories? Do you feel scared or tense? Do you feel pleasure? Do you feel a release?

When you feel ready, repeat the process on the bottom wall of the vagina, the right side, and the left side. Show yourself grace and be patient with the process.

Step 6: Open yourself up to experiencing whatever emotions surface and allow yourself to go through the ritual with zero judgment or expectations. Use sound as a way to express the emotions or sensations you are experiencing. If you want to cry, cry. Or groan or moan. Most importantly, be proud of yourself for taking the step to connect with yourself, learn more about your body, and show love to your yoni!

Step 7: Once you have explored your yoni internally, switch to the more bulbous end of the Cervix Serpent, if desired. This is an amazing way to stimulate the G-spot. Try circles, rapid pulses, tapping, flicking, or using continued pressure.

Step 8: Once you feel complete in your Cervix Serpent session, close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Use your left hand over your vulva and your right hand on top of it to cup your vulva. Thank yourself for the journey you allowed yourself to go on and ask your yoni if she needs anything else from you. Bring your right hand to your heart space to close the ceremony.

Step 9: Wash your glass pleasure wand under warm running water using a cleansing wash designed for glass or crystal toys and store your wand inside its pouch.

The Cervix Serpent comes in eco-friendly packaging

Want To Learn More About Self-Pleasure?

Remember, exploring your self-pleasure is not just about having an orgasm or squirting or placing expectations on yourself. Rather, it is a way to learn more about your body, connect with yourself, worship yourself, and show your yoni love and acceptance.

Be patient and loving with yourself as you learn more about self-pleasure and de-armouring. This journey is as much spiritual as it is sexual.

For more information, feel free to contact me with any questions or for recommendations. I also invite you to join my free private, women’s-only Facebook group, a safe, sacred space to freely talk about any, and all things sex, relationship, womanhood, and yoni related.