Menstrual Disc
Menstrual Disc

Menstrual Disc

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A Menstrual Disc is a small, flexible cup made of medical-grade silicone and instead of absorbing your flow, like a tampon or pad, it catches and collects it - without leakage. Most menstrual discs can stay in for up to 12 hours before being emptied and rinsed. This means you can wear one when you're sleeping, or all day long. You may need to empty a cup more often if your flow is at its heaviest, but you can use the same disc for your heaviest and lightest days.

Menstrual cups vs Menstrual discs

A cup sits in your vagina below your cervix and extends into your canal. A disc, on the other hand, fits back into your vaginal fornix, which is where your vaginal canal meets your cervix.

How to insert a menstrual disc

Getting the disc in there comfortably may take a little practice, but once it’s in you’ll know it because you won’t feel it at all.

Here’s a step-by-step on how to insert it:

  1. First things first, wash your hands — it’s going in a delicate place after all!
  2. Get into whichever position works for you. This can be sitting over the toilet, standing with a leg up, or squatting.
  3. Squeeze the sides of the disc together, making it the size of a tampon.
  4. Insert the pinched disc pointing down and back into your vagina. You want it to sit at a vertical angle so it completely covers your cervix.
  5. Make sure you push it past the pubic bone as far as it can go so the rim tucks in just above the bone.
  6. All done, you are ready to bleed on!


  • 6cm x 6.64cm x 2.8cm depth - 42ml capacity


  • FDA approved Menstrual disc. Comes in our gorgeous branded pouch for safe keeping

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