Meet The Founder

Rosie Rees is a leading Sex & Relationship Coach, founder of crystal sex toy compay 'Yoni Pleasure Palace' and creator of the well-known three hour Women's Nude Yoga workshop, 'Naked Awakening'.

After ditching her vibrator in 2013, Rosie decided to create an online shop dedicated to slowing down self pleasure and prioritising pelvic floor wellness. What started with a simple Jade Egg practice transformed into designing bespoke pleasure wands and de-amouring tools for women with differing pelvic needs and pleasure desires. As a modern day nudist, Rosie also believes that spending more time naked on the yoga mat creates a healthier body image and improves our beliefs and perceptions about our body.

Rosie’s coaching sessions are transformational experiences bringing women in closer connection with their Yoni, which lead to more empowering sexual experiences with themselves and their partner.

She lives in sea-side city, Perth in Western Australia with her female partner, sassy three year old and Spoodle puppy, Harry!

A little more detail…

After experiencing a sexual awakening at a Jade Egg workshop in Bali in 2014, Rosie decided to quit her stressful corporate job in Sydney and follow her heart (and pussy).

She found that consistently using the Yoni Egg helped her have internal orgasms, heal her sexual trauma and feel more juicy and alive inside her vagina; a place that felt numb and de-sensitized after many years of using vibrators. She believes that women can learn how to have empowering, life changing internal orgasms without needing a vibrator!

At the same time as her sexual awakening, Rosie learnt to fully accept her naked body by changing her daily yoga practice from clothed to naked! Rosie designed a liberating three hour ‘Naked Awakening’ workshop designed to help women strip back their layers of body image issues, insecurities, fears and inhibitions and instead embrace their body just as it is!

Rosie stands for normalising nudity, #sensualeating and having a strong healthy pelvic floor!

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Coaching session with Rosie


I work with women who are dedicated to learning a new way of conscious relating and who are committed to looking at their old patterns and stories that are limiting them from experiencing ease, joy and unconditional love in their intimate relationships. I help my clients heal and take massive action in the fields of:

Self intimacy and self pleasure

Becoming aware of old patterns that are not serving you

Tantric practices for self pleasure and relationships

Becoming sensually radiant and magnetic using the Yoni Egg

Tools on how to be more self loving

Overcoming body image issues

Becoming more sexually expressive and empowered

Choosing how to be single & surrendering to being alone

Conscious un-coupling / ending a relationship with love and respect

Professional Bio

Rosie Rees is a sex toy entrepreneur, stigma trail-blazer and social media button-pusher. She is the creator of Yoni Pleasure Palace, founder of the Women's Nude Yoga and one of Australia's leading Sex & Relationship Coaches. Rosie believes that getting naked - both physically and non-physically - is the key to self acceptance, healing body image and creating lasting relationships. Based in Perth Western Australia, Rosie also normalises same-sex families and advocates early-childhood sex education.


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