Try these 3 Yoni Massage Warm Ups

Receiving a Yoni Massage is an incredibly intimate & healing experience when done with the right person in the right circumstances.

So many women struggle to receive, particularly sexually, and this is a perfect way of opening up, clearing out sexual blocks and being willing to receive pleasure from your partner or a highly trained practitioner.

Coming from personal experiences, some Yoni Massages can feel very pleasurable and others painful or even numb. So it’s best to go in with an open heart, trust your partner/bodyworker and be willing to express & release anything that arises.

Here are some gentle warming up exercises to practice before a Yoni Massage. These are designed to be with your partner, however you can also do with a bodyworker you know and trust. If you’re based in Perth, Western Australia I can highly recommend Laura Elizabeth. For other Australia or world renowned Yoni Massage therapists, please join Yoni Pleasure Palace Facebook Group and search inside the group or ask a question.

1. Awaken the senses

Start with a small meditation together. Look at each other deeply in the eyes, and try to see beyond our masks of daily life. Once you feel attuned with your partner at a loving level (as a result of the meditation), you can start.

The receiver lies down on a soft mattress covered with the sarong she was already wearing, closes her eyes and surrenders to the situation.

As the giver, know that your arms are the extension of your heart; stay connected with your heart and breathe and try to check now and then to keep in touch with the receiver’s heart and breath.

Start slowly, awakening the senses through the sarong. After some time you can slide the sarong over her body down to her feet. That gives a magical, heavenly sensation and is a smooth slide into nudity. The skin is our biggest sensory organ and wants to be touched, massaged, caressed etc…

Use feathers, fur, silk, your fingertips, your palms and your nails to produce different sensations. Play with intensity, sometimes softer but also sometimes stronger. You can also use aroma therapy to stimulate the olfactory organs.

Light a candle, burn some incense, diffuse some oils – do whatever you think fits the situation. Even feed each other some raw chocolate might be a nice stimulator for the beginning.

2. Massage the whole body!

Once the senses are awakened you can start with some more tension releasing massage. In this part you can incorporate Shiatsu, Thai massage, etc. whatever you know works best for relaxation.

If you don’t know any massage styles simply be intuitive and work around the neck, legs and feet, arms and back. Coconut oil (we love Yoni Elixir) is essential here and you don’t want to skimp on it.

A breast massage after you have worked through most of the body areas will open up more pleasure and relaxation. You can work with your thumb around the breast moving towards the nipples, massaging any knots out. You can make a never-ending movement around both breasts with one hand. Or you can squeeze the breast towards the nipple with both hands. Just be creative and watch out for the receiver’s feedback.

Make sure you massage the entire body, rather than just going straight for the Yoni first. Once a woman feels nurtured & open, she will be more willing to receive and allow you inside her.

yoni massage

3. Heart-Yoni Connection

The breast massage is a great knock-knock on the temple gate, because the vagina is strongly connected with the breasts.

Once you feel the receiver is ready, work your way down the belly around the hips and inner thighs. Many women are very stiff around the pubic bone. So try to soften her up until it’s literally a ‘jelly belly’.

Before you touch her vagina, ask if you are allowed to. Then make a cap-form with your left hand and let it close the entrance of the vagina. You can push slightly to increase the pressure. Place your right hand on the receiver’s heart. Imagine you are bringing the Heart and the Yoni together. Always remember that your arms and hands are the extension of your heart; let them act in the name of your heart.

Breathe together.

From here you can start going into a full-on Yoni Massage, or gently fade into a nice love-making session.