Dating Words of Wisdom With Camille Thurnherr

Camille Thurnherr is a dating coach as well as owner and director of Ignite Mr Right, where she essentially helps women attract Mr Right. Camille writes for her own blog and also runs her own YouTube channel, reaching out to women who want to stop being a doormat and start connecting with their feminine energy. She believes that every woman deserves to have a special someone in their life and to do so we must unleash our inner dream wonder-woman!

What made you want to become a dating coach?

I had been a general “life coach” for a few years at the time and I really wanted to specialise in a field of coaching I was passionate about. I struggled with relationships in my 20’s and I ended up so much research, in order to help myself at the time. So once I had my own success story and put all my tools into action, I then really wanted to help other women on their search for a suitable partner.

Explain a day in the life of Camille as a dating coach, loving partner and mum-to-be?

Well, my day starts around 8am with a cup of peppermint tea, watching an inspiring youtube mind movie and afterwards, I usually turn up the music and wake up properly by shaking my booty.

I’ll then check my emails and plan out my day. I might then spend some time on creating content for an upcoming workshop, I might some writing for my blog and I usually have a few coaching sessions via Skype in the afternoon. In the evening, I sometimes run a webinar, as part of my online 6 week “Ignite Mr Right” program. I do make sure my partner gets enough attention in the evenings, so I keep my relationship in a healthy, loving state.

How would you compare the Camille in her early 20s to the Camille now? What’s changed?

As a 38 year old, I’m a lot more confident and at peace within myself. For some reason, I’m also a lot more driven and focused now, compared to my 20’s. I’m much more on a mission. I guess I feel that time is more precious now. As far as men go, I see them a lot differently now and I understand our differences much more.

You’re also a NLP Coach? What is NLP and how can it help people?

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a powerful coaching tool; it can be used to help people change their way of perceiving themselves and the world around them. It’s sometimes called the “science of strategies”, so for example, if you’re not getting the result you would like in your love life, you need to either change your beliefs about men or the way you act in your relationships, ideally you change both your mindset and your behaviour.

I have a few friends who have tried their hand at online dating, and it’s been a disaster. Why does online dating in Australia have such a negative stigma around it and how do you avoid the duds?

In my experience, online dating can be a lot of fun and many of my clients have met their now partners online. The key is to follow some clear guidelines, like being really clear on what your criteria is, and to only meet for a casual coffee during the day for the 1st date.

I come from the belief that once you are confident and happy with who YOU are, you will naturally attract ‘the one’, as opposed to searching them out. Do you agree or do you believe that one has to seek to find…especially if the body-clock is ticking?

Yes, I do agree with you there, but there is more to this. Sometimes, Prince Charming won’t come knocking on your door, even though you love yourself and you have a great life. Some women need to learn to actually notice guys and to be more approachable. I help women feel more happy within themselves and feel more present and alive, but I also encourage them to try new things and to explore new hobbies, where they can have fun and potentially meet their Mr Right.

Once you’ve found that special someone, how do you hold onto them?

Well, that’s a whole new conversation! One of the keys is to keep on growing as a person as well as learning to fulfil your partners needs in many interesting and resourceful ways, and I’m not talking just sex here.. 😉

What is your one piece of advice you would give to single women who are struggling to find Mr Right? What is your mantra?

Believe that there are great men everywhere, ask yourself, “who do I need to be to attract a great guy” and get yourself a dating coach, so you’ll have someone to hold your hand and support you all the way.

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