When NOT to Wear Your Yoni Egg

A common question we are asked in our private Facebook group is: “When is it NOT ok to wear my yoni egg?” To demystify this we will cover the three occasions it’s best to avoid a yoni egg practice, and the other three occasions that it’s acceptable to use your egg, derived from our most frequently asked questions.

It’s best to avoid using your Yoni Egg when:

1. You’re menstruating

Your time of bleeding is an essential and sacred time of shedding, releasing and letting go, not just physically but also emotionally. As we shed the layer of old blood that has gathered on the womb walls, it’s important to create space for that blood to be released down the vaginal canal. A yoni egg would block this process. Thus menstruation is a downward, releasing action and the yoni egg practice is an upward, activating action; opposing forces. It’s best to wait until you have finished bleeding to start using your yoni egg again.

And besides, you will probably have your Menstrual Cup inside during your period so there is no room for an egg! If you’re wanting to explore using a Menstrual Cup, we sell medical grade silicon FDA approved cups here along with an accompanying video for only $40 AUD.

2. You’re pregnant

It’s best not to introduce a brand new practice during pregnancy. Just like you wouldn’t introduce a new intense workout routine or a completely new diet, you wouldn’t start using a yoni egg, particularly when it comes to an exercise that incorporates the reproductive system.

So many women fall pregnant and then all of a sudden take a keen interest in their pelvic floor, however the Yoni Egg practice is best for before and after pregnancy (6 weeks after birth). There is one exception to the rule and that’s if you have used the yoni egg consistently before. Women who have used the egg regularly and have a deep knowledge of their own body enjoy using the egg during pregnancy (only after the first trimester). If this is you, use with caution and listen to your body.

3. You have an infection

If you have a vaginal infection like a yeast infection/thrush, bacterial vaginosis, an STD flare up and a UTI, it’s best to avoid using your yoni egg as this is a time to keep clear and allow in time for healing. Take time to connect with your yoni and ask her what she is trying to communicate with you. Your emotions will often communicate through your body, so listen intently.

Similarly, if you’re in pain with an ovarian cyst or severe endometriosis pain, wait until the pain has ceased and only begin the yoni egg practice when it feels right in your body. There are plenty of natural ways to heal your vagina of thrush or BV, which I will discuss in a blog next week! Sign up for our newsletter here, to stay tuned!

You can use your egg when:

1. You have an IUD

You can absolutely use a yoni egg if you have an IUD. Contraceptive IUDs are designed to whitstand sexual intercourse, dildo penetration and menstrual cups so a yoni egg (a small polished stone egg) is not going to dislodge it. Many women who have an IUD prefer to use a non-drilled kegel egg to avoid the string getting caught on the IUD. Although there are no reports of this actually happening, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

2. You’re asleep

Some women who have given birth struggle to keep the egg inside when they stand up vertically – gravity has a sense of humour like that! In this instance, she may need a larger yoni egg or she may need to start with using the egg when she is horizontal AKA sleeping. It’s best to begin with one night using the egg, and the next night off. Some women have a magnificent sleep (particularly with our Amethyst egg) and other women have a very active dream-state when they use their crystal egg at bedtime. If you do sleep with the egg, be aware the following morning how well you slept and see if there is a correlation for you. Some women even wake up having an orgasm with the yoni egg inside!

3. You’re having sex

It is safe to have your yoni egg inside you during intercourse. It comes down to preference. Explore with it and see if you enjoy it. Medium yoni eggs are about 4cm x 3cm in size, so if your partner has a shorter/thicker style penis, it may assist with filling in the gap. If your partner has a larger penis and it’s already a snug fit, it’s best to avoid using the egg during sex. If you want to amplify your orgasm, the crystal you choose may help to magnify what you want to create i.e. love & connection with rose quartz, letting go with obsidian, sexual energy with jade etc.

For your first Yoni Egg, we recommend our medium sized, drilled Nephrite Jade Egg – as pictured above. Click on the image to BUY your own certified, authentic jade egg today.

I hope this information has been helpful in answering your questions! As with anything, please use your yoni egg with awareness and always listen to your vagina – she has a voice. Please contact your GP, gynaecologist or pelvic floor physiotherapist if you have any further concerns or questions.
Love Rosie xo