The Sexy Series with Christal Fuentes

Christal is a Las Vegas-dwelling entrepreneur, who runs a successful coaching business for women called ‘The Ladies Coach‘. Christal’s videos and musings are not only ridiculously empowering and educational they are also hilarious, sassy and super-creative productions. I discovered Christal through being a mutual Tony Robbins groupie and felt I needed to share her enthusiasm for Beyoncé, the word ‘AROUSE’ and chocolate coated strawberries.

Read on to see what these three things have in common…

When do you feel most sexy?

One of the times I feel most sexy, oddly enough, is when I am able to be a complete F*&$’ng goof ball with the people I love. That’s when I feel my body is free from judgment and my purest energy just OOOZES out of me. Then I can take that energy and turn into a Siren in the bedroom so lets just say, my man is an advocate of me goofing around as that usually means he is “gifted” also haha! 🙂

What are some rituals you practice that make you feel sexy?

The practice of just slowing down is crucial for me in order to really feel sexy. As a very sensual woman, my mind attaches itself to EVERYTHING. I’m sure some can relate. I think so much about everything, everyone, “to’dos”, things I’m forgetting, socks on the floor, my work, schedules… I mean the list goes on that it takes me AWAY from my body and too much into my mind.

I think the #1 ritual I do to get back into my body is put on music and dance! Again, I’m very sensual, so I like to have the lighting right with some candles lit and I just DANCE.

Even if I’m at the computer working, I take MANY breaks and jam out! It really is my version of meditation. It forces me to breath deeply, turn off my mind and tune into my body and spirit. Instant SEXINESS!


Your favourite sexy tune?

So glad you asked! There are quite a few. I actually have a playlist just for sexy time and it literally has all types of music since… you know… I’m a woman and usually in different moods haha! But here are a few I think you should definitely check out and play with!

1. The Trapeze Swinger by Iron & Wine: If I just need to relax the mind and really feel the movements of my body, this is really great song! You can just sit on a yoga mat and breathe into your body with slow and sensual movements. So beautiful!

2. Play by Goapele: This is a really funky, playful and flirtatious song I absolutely LOVE playing with… HA… no pun intented! Cat crawls, hip circulation and a few hair whips do this song justice. Have fun!

3. Skin by Rihanna: This is unapologetically RAW… I mean Rihanna?! You can’t go wrong playing her when you want to be truly expressive sexually. Lastly…

4. Anything BEYONCE!!! The Queen of Sexiness.

What are some things a man (or woman) does that make you feel especially sexy?

I’ve mentioned energy before but it really is key for me. Energy is so powerful and transferable. I think I feel my sexiest when I’m around people who are equally transferring their sexy and vibrant energy.

Sexy to me is the ability to embrace your most natural and purest energy. I really dig it!

As far as a man, I love a man who is so masculine that it allows the woman to be present in her femininity and FREE! I know from my relationship, I am so lucky to be with a man who allows me to be expressive in every way I want to be. Advice, don’t be selfish with your beautiful energy because it’s the sexiest thing about you!

What is your body language when you feel sexy in your skin?

I just walk and talk way differently. There’s a confidence in my body that naturally makes me walk like I have no worries in the world.

I truly believe your body shows all the emotion that is buried inside of it, so when I feel sexy, my body becomes so open and relaxed to the world.

Not only do I see a difference in my body, but my mind is also free from restrictions, judgements, beliefs that limit and I feel WAY more connected to my heart. It’s the most amazing and freeing experience there is!


If you could have dinner with the sexiest living person on Earth who would it be and why?

Beyonce all the WAY! I’m sure I don’t have to explain myself too much, but simply put, she exemplifies how totally “OK” it is to be a sexually connected and still live in your power as woman. Again, energy is everything to me and she exudes this in everything she does.

Three sexy words:

1. Caress

2. Arouse

3. Sensual

Three sexy foods:

Two of these don’t necessarily help biologically in getting aroused, but I LOVE to have fun with them nonetheless:

1. Chocolate covered strawberries! YUMM

2. Red wine?… Does that count?

3. Most importantly, GREEN JUICE! I feel my most vibrant and sexy self when I give my body what it needs! I need alive foods to nourish the sexiness!

If you could invent a Sexy Superhero, what would her name be, how would she dress and what is her super hero powers?

“Lady Energy Shifter” My power would have the ability to shift anyones energy that is restricted and confined, into an energy that generates love. I don’t know what I’d wear but I would like the ability to transport myself wherever needed (like star trek) and float in a turquoise light…kinda like an aura! That vision literally excited me! HA!

What could you do even more of to make you feel sexy?

Truthfully, I definitely think being naked more.

Theres really no way to hide the beauty of your body when you are exposed and I think I need to do that more. Talk about ridding yourself from judgement!

What is your favourite sexy body part on yourself?

My eyes. I use them for everything! Mostly to show my presence with people, but if there were anything besides the body where energy is shown, it’s the eyes.

Off topic, what’s next for you, you sexy beast?

You can find me every Thursday (USA) for my Online Video Series, TLC Thursday, on or just subscribe to The Ladies Coach channel on Youtube! For my beautiful Aussies, that would be a Friday for you 😉 So if you have any burning topics feel free to send them through!

Also, I just recently launched The Breakup Program to help the ladies that are going through the heartache of a breakup! …. However, I will be working on one for my MEN as well since I’ve been asked by so many! Love our men!

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