A Greener Sex Industry: The Future of Empowerment

BPA-free water bottle? Check. Daily meditation session? Check. Rose quartz dildo? Check. Wait – what was that last part?

You heard it right. The obsession with all things wellness is now making its way from food and fitness to the bedroom.

With the wellness industry considered a trillion dollar market, it was inevitable that clean, eco-friendly products would make their way into the sex industry. It makes sense that individuals concerned with fueling their bodies with healthy, organic food would also come to desire green, natural sex products.

A Greener Sex Industry

Whether you are interested in natural lubricants (hello coconut oil), cannabis oil aphrodisiacs, crystal sex toys, or vegan condoms, the clean sex industry has a growing range of green options for the bedroom.

Recently, Australia saw the launch of the first completely natural lubricant. Made using coconut oil, it eliminates the chemicals, preservatives, and parabens that are often found in typical lubricants.

The Rise of Veganism

The third-fasting growing vegan market on the planet? According to Tasty Box, that would be Australia, so it comes as no surprise that veganism is making its way into the sex market as well.

But, despite the popularity of veganism in Australia, there was an unusual gap in the sex product market — until recently. Now, vegan condoms and lubricants offer individuals the option to choose products that are plant-based, not tested on animals, PH balanced, paraben free, petrochemical free, and free of any animal proteins or byproducts.

Crystal Sex Toys

Crystals are well known for their ability to help with balance, harmony, luck, or positive change depending on the type you select. But the benefits do not end there. Crystals also have a place in the bedroom and crystals of all types – from jades, moonstones, rose quartz, and onyxes – are quickly gaining popularity in the sex industry.

Women all over the world are embracing their sexual energy and power and being more aware of what they use inside their bodies.

Along with crystals, the Rose Quartz Crystal Pleasure wand is a best-selling product — enough to earn it a mention in a recent Women’s Health article. Straight from Mother Earth, this popular wand is designed to awaken primal energy, amplify sensations, and release negative, unwanted energy from the area.

The Pleasure Wand’s popularity indicates the collective desire of women to treat themselves with more compassion, femininity, tenderness, and self-love.

More Clean, Green Options

Beyond natural, chemical-free lubricants, vegan condoms, and crystals, it is becoming more common to find biodegradable vibrators and all-natural enhancement oils produced using cannabis oil. Derived from the marijuana plant, this popular oil utilises one of Mother Earth’s oldest known natural aphrodisiacs to naturally enhance pleasure.

Recently, an online Australian retailer even introduced the very first biodegradable vibrator. Made using a unique bioplastic derived from cornstarch, its green design leads to a minimal carbon footprint.

The Future of Empowerment

While the greener, cleaner sex industry is an exciting concept, it is important to remember that everything is still up to you. Be careful of setting rigid expectations for yourself when it comes to new products or experiences.

Expecting an earth-shattering orgasm the first time you use a new toy or insisting that your entire collection of toys be completely natural and green can leave you feeling guilty and anything but turned on. Instead, embrace new experiences, practice self-love and acceptance, and enjoy the ride!