Tantric Masturbation: A Powerful, Pleasurable Way to Empower Yourself

When people think of Tantra and tantric sex, marathon sex sessions are usually the first thing that comes to mind. But did you know that tantric sex is more than just hours-long sexcapades?

The traditions and methods involved in tantric sex can offer a host of benefits to your sex life and even offer perks outside of the bedroom as well.

Does finding what feels best to you, discovering new things about yourself, developing a closer connection to yourself, and feeling pleasure in the process sound good to you?

These are just a few of the powerful benefits tantric masturbation can offer. Read on to learn more about the pleasure potential of tantric masturbation and how to try it for yourself.

What Is Tantra?

Tantra is an ancient spiritual practice intended to help individuals experience their true selves and explore their personal identities. This pleasure centered practice encourages mindfulness, intentionality, and self-exploration and shares similarities with meditation.

There’s also a heavy emphasis on individual pleasure, meaning masturbation is an excellent way to experiment with Tantra. You can explore exactly what works — and what doesn’t — for you with zero added pressure or expectations from a partner.

Removing any insecurities or pressure shifts the focus from performance to pleasure and a deep connection with yourself. It is about slowing down, connecting with yourself, and self-discovery. Oh, and mind-blowing pleasure of course! While the big O is not the entire focus or goal of tantric masturbation, it is certainly a welcome side benefit!

Along with pleasure, masturbation is believed to have a postitive impact on:

  • Your self-esteem
  • Your overall sex life
  • Your stress levels

With how deliberate tantra is and its heavy focus on self-pleasure, consider it a form of self-care.

Tips for Tantric Masturbation

Tantric masturbation equals exploration. It’s that simple. It comes down to taking the time to know, understand, and accept your sexual story and yourself with zero judgment.

The biggest piece of advice I like to offer for exploring tantric masturbation is slow down, enjoy the process of exploring, take your time, forget the judgment, listen to your body, and truly work on getting to know yourself.

Tantric masturbation does not have set rules because sexual pleasure is unique to each individual. There is no-size-fits-all approach when it comes to sexual pleasure. The key is to remember that the only goal is exploring the different sensations you are experiencing. If you have an orgasm, great! But that is more of an added bonus, not the focus.

If you want to give tantric masturbation a go, here are some tips for getting started:

1. Set the Mood

Set up a safe, relaxing, comfortable environment that is enjoyable for exploring yourself and your needs. You can do whatever feels good, but here are some ideas:

  • Watch porn or read your favourite erotic novel
  • Close your eyes and fantasize
  • Light candles, put on your favourite music, turn off the lights (or keep them on!)
  • Take a bath or shower

2. Begin Exploring Your Body

Use your favourite pleasure wand to enhance the tantric experience

Use your favourite pleasure wand to enhance the tantric experience

Practise breathing deep, being in the moment, and focusing on each sensation you feel.

Pay close attention to what feels best, if you feel any new sensations, and what you are learning about yourself.

If you want to focus on a sexual fantasy, go for it! If you want to use your fingers or your favourite crystal wand, go for it! Whatever you enjoy is fair game. This is the time for zero censorship or self-judgment.

Try to ease away from any expectations you have for yourself or what you ‘should’ be feeling or doing.

3. Take Your Time

If you are tempted to rush to the finish line through penetration, clitoral stimulation, or another method of achieving orgasm, take a breath and slow down. Keep reminding yourself to take your time, focus on your needs, and enjoy the journey. Actually, that is a great rule for any sexual experience, not just tantric masturbation!

During your self-exploration, you may choose to experiment with a new toy, learn to stimulate your G-spot, or learn to squirt. Whatever sounds good and feels right!

Focus on discovering your preferences as an individual or simply enjoying the hot spots you already know you love.

4. Keep It Relaxed and Stress-Free

If it takes a little while for you to get going, no worries! That is okay and totally normal. Discovering how to show yourself true self-love and acceptance takes time and is completely worth the effort.

Engaging in tantric masturbation can help bring awareness to what you need sexually, thereby improving your overall sex life, increasing your pleasure, and improving your body awareness.

Are You Ready to Show Yourself a Little Self-Love?

The bottom line is that tantric masturbation is not only fun but beneficial too. Its beauty lies in its focus on the individual and self-love. I absolutely adore this practice and recommend it to anyone.

If you want to learn more about tantric masturbation, want to share your experience with it, or have questions on tantric masturbation, I welcome you to join my private Facebook group. This safe space is a perfect place for discussing all-things-sex.

Wishing you self-love and self-discovery!