Orgasms: 5 things holding you back from being multi-orgasmic!

I haven’t met a woman yet who is not interested in developing her orgasms.

Orgasm can be just a few seconds peak experience (raise your hand if this is you? It’s OK it’s been me too!!).

Actually this is what most women who orgasm experience, if they do experience them at all.

Or, orgasms can be delicious pleasure waves… they can take us on a journey into bliss… they can open us beyond what we ever knew was possible… they can make every cell of our being vibrate with joy.

These big, vaginal O’s are the ones that can literally change your life. I am referring to the G-spot, A-spot, cervico-uterine, vaginal entrance, orgasms experienced in various chakras, multi-orgasms and full body orgasms.

The fact is – every woman is capable of having those.

And so are you!

So, lets get down with this one – why may you still not be experiencing those profound, at times earthshaking orgasms?

1. Perception

Most women, unfortunately, don’t feel and know much about their vaginas. It feels like: “my vagina – city in China”. There is a disconnection.

And the vagina becomes numb. This may be through sexual or emotional trauma, or simply by virtue of growing up in our sexually repressed and oppressed culture – which is the case for most of us.

You have to bring your vagina back to life – wake her up.

And there are some great tools for that out there: vaginal massage, vaginal exercises, and Taoist practices with a Yoni Egg.

2. Control

You are addicted to control and have a hard time letting go.

The huge factor that will lead far beyond what you thought you were capable of, is the ability to open up, let go and surrender.

But if you really want these life-changing and awakening orgasms you have to do it. There is no other way.

You need to be willing to be there 100%, absolutely vulnerable, exposing your deepest self, absolutely surrendered.

Surrender is as unbelievably easy as it is incredibly difficult. Somewhere on the threshold between the two you can enter into a different state of you. And it’s all about trust, not in anything particular. Just general trust. Into something greater.

Drop deeper than you think you can, surrender more than you think you can.

And then a little bit more.

Surrendering and opening our tender heart to our partner is especially important for women. Because women’s orgasms have a strong emotional component to them, and our heart has to be involved.

3. Trust

If you keep having casual sex and one-night-stands and hope to have these deep vaginal orgasms, I will have to disappoint you.

These orgasms are less likely to appear in casual sex situations.

I don’t make any moral judgement when it comes to casual sex. Yet, when it comes to deep sex, deep connection and deep orgasms, casual sex becomes rather an obstacle to getting there. And I am talking from experience.

Also, if you have unresolved issues between you and your partner – this might make you feel blocked and unorgasmic.

There shouldn’t be anything that’s holding you back. If there is – first resolve it, then go to bed.

4. Length of the love making

Most women can’t reach an orgasm in 10 minutes. Even in 20. A woman needs at least 30 minutes of love making to experience a really profound orgasm.

So orgasming becomes impossible if your intercourse stops with your partner’s ejaculation – statistics tell us that for an average guy it takes only 8.5 minutes.

These deeper orgasms involve stamina. Both from his and your side.

You need to build up the length of the lovemaking to at least 30-45 minutes. And then you can increase up to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 hours… And more!

For that of course you both need to have very good vitality.

Some tips to build up vitality: eat well, stop doing diets for weight loss, take herbs that help with vitality, and work on grounding yourself.

5. Weak vagina

This is the case for most women, especially those who’ve never done anything to strengthen their vaginal muscles.

A powerful vagina is a vagina that is flexible, toned and well-lubricated. With a powerful vagina, you have no difficulty separating out various groups of muscles inside her (yes, there are plenty of those). By squeezing her in a particular way you can help your partner last longer in bed, or bring more pleasure to both of you during intercourse. Your partner will love it.

Sometimes weak and numb also comes together with dry and sore.

The recipe is: internal massage and Yoni Egg practices.

I have not seen one woman who put energy and focus into working out these issues and was still unable to have an orgasm.

It is your birthright to have orgasms and all the pleasure in the world.

So what exactly is this Yoni Egg thing?

Yoni Egg practice is a simple tool that can bring a powerful transformation to your relationship. With your yoni and your sexual life.

The egg is basically an egg shaped crystal, that we use inside the vagina and perform various practices with.

One of my favourite exercises with the egg is performed lying on the back. You can try it out even if you don’t have an egg, but the effects will be a lot stronger if you do it with an egg:

Bring your knees close to your belly, place your hands on the knees and imagine there is a circle on your lower back around your sacrum and you are rocking around it. Try doing it in one direction for a couple of minutes and then change direction. Make the movement really internalised, barely visible from the outside. And enjoy the subtle sensuality of this practice.

If you want to go deep into this powerful practice, develop those amazing orgasms, deeply honour your femininity, unleash your powerful liberated sexual nature, establish a profound relationship with your yoni – there will be an opportunity coming up for you!

A 50 Day Yoni Egg Yoga journey through the Seven Chakras inside The Golden Yoni Membership.

It is about mastering your orgasms and your sexual energy through using the Yoni Egg, becoming an amazing (and super skilful) lover and becoming deeply connected to your body and your yoni.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Rosie x

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