New year, new ME.

First and foremost, a Happy New Year to everyone and welcome to 2013 (big bear hug)! I have well and truly switched off and been ‘offline’ for the past month reconnecting with family, relaxing by the beach in south coastal Western Australia and eating damn good food.

Since I was with family on New Year’s Eve, I swapped the Jager bombs and party shoes for a sophisticated dinner at a renowned restaurant /art gallery in WA’s coastal dwelling of Yallingup. At dinner time, we went around the table and each of us chatted about what we were proud of accomplishing in 2012 and what we wanted to achieve in 2013. Two of my family members even did it for each other – a good way to get an outsiders perspective on your life (and to see how much people actually listen to you). What I loved about this activity was that we verbalised everything – our dreams, our desires, our passions, our hopes, our fears. Everything was out in the open, off your chest and clear for everyone to see. I am a firm believer that bottling things up is the stuff that causes cancer, and once it’s out of your system it can make you feel physically and mentally lighter. Another positive about verbalising what you want is that it holds you accountable. That is, once you have told people what you want to do; now you gotta do it! Otherwise you will only disappoint yourself and your friends or family who will be checking up on what you ticked off come NYE 2014.

Almost everyone I talk to about 2013 seem to have the same optimistic lookout on the year ahead; that it’s going to be a ‘good year’. On the whole, I would say for most 2012 was a year of massive change, well at least it was for me having resigned my corporate job, sold all my furniture, packed my life into four and a half boxes, moved out of my Sydney apartment and into a backpack to embark to India on a yoga teaching journey. Amongst all of this change and chaos, I felt the calmest I have ever felt in my life. Certain things fell into place at exactly the right time, people popped up just when I needed them to and the whole experience taught me who and what mattered – a very cleansing process. Everything went so smoothly that I felt as though the Universe was backing me, like the wind was at my back gently pushing me forward onto the right path. I have always been one to read signs (from nature, from people, from God, even from abstract things) and the more I follow my heart and dreams, the more clearer I see the signs and clearer I feel on the inside about what I am doing.

I am currently reading a book called The Celestine Prophecy (also a film), a popular household novel that unveils a spiritual adventure of a man who travels to Peru in order to uncover an ancient manuscript containing nine insights the human race is predicted to experience as we inevitably enter into an era of spiritual awareness. When I talk about ‘signs’ I am referring to instances of synchronicity, and the first insight talks about coincidences and how they make us feel like there is something more, something spiritual, operating underneath everything we do. It occurs when we become conscious or aware of the coincidences that happen in our lives and that chance coincidences are meant to happen.

Everything is meant to happen in divine timing.

The key is having the self awareness to realise the signs and to keep following your inner compass.

With this in mind, I will leave you with the following tips to leading an awesome 2013:

  • Write two lists: everything you achieved in 2012 and everything you want to accomplish in 2013. Say it to yourself or someone else and write it down – physically doing this will help get it out of your head and will let the Universe do what it can. Bottling things up will only take its toll in other forms such as physical health.
  • Declutter your life. You don’t have to go to the extreme I went to, but at least spring clean the things that are becoming tired and worn out in your life, whether it’s as simple as your clothes, bed spread or hoared school text books or to a larger extent your job or an unfulfilling relationship that no longer serves you. Things are just things – when we die, we don’t take anything with us so get rid of as much crap you don’t need. Simplify your life and release things and people that don’t serve you.
  • Become more self-aware. Realise that chance encounters are not just coincidences – they are meant to happen in your life to lead you onto your path that you are destined to take. Don’t ignore inklings or your gut instincts.

For me, my 2013 is going to be full of development and manifestations. What do you want your new year to look like?

Love rx

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