Love Sex Desire Podcast with Rosie + Susana

I met Susana Frioni back in 2013 when I was in a less-than-healthy space.

At the time I was in an office job I resented, I was still binge drinking myself to an oblivion on the weekends as a coping mechanism, smoking cigarettes regularly to ‘calm’ myself, and in a secret relationship with a man who was completely…unavailable. I was unhappily single and lost, but still extremely determined to pull myself out of this mess.

*Having experienced all this personally makes me such a damn good coach because I have been there, done that. And I GET IT.*

Whilst living in Brisbane, Susana and I spent time bush walking, connecting with nature, chatting over tea for hours and hours, sharing dinners together, hugging and exploring together. We became buddies.

In a spontaneous embodiment session with Susana, she helped me identify where the pain was in my body, what it looked like and how to get rid of it. This was a BIG game-changer for me. Less words were needed, and more FEELING was required. Feeling and acceptance without judgement. It felt GOOD.

When she asked me to be on her Love Sex Desire Podcast I was honoured and humbled! We have journeyed so much together personally and I admire her work professionally – in the realm of embodiment, sexuality, self pleasure and conscious dance parties.

I feel blessed to share my nuggets of wisdom on all things LOVE SEX DESIRE.

In this interview we discuss:

  • How Rosie transformed her shame and guilt to become a relationship and sex coach
  • Transforming your sex life through Kundalini yoga
  • How to cultivate sexual energy as a solo woman
  • The difference between masturbation and a self pleasure practice
  • Over-coming porn addictions (and other addictions)
  • Losing yourself in relationships and how to avoid it

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Love Rosie x

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