hump day with melissa ambrosini.

Melissa Ambrosini is a holistic health and life coach, a host of Healthtalks TV, writer and a blogger for Path to Wellness (awarded Top Women’s Empowerment Blog for 2012, by the Psychology of Eating)…not to mention a model/actress/dancer! Having come through her own journey of body battles, Melissa now helps women fall in love with themselves, kick limiting beliefs, find their passions, improve relationships, and increase their energy. Today she answers some questions for me around love, relationships, food and sex!

What was the turning point for you where you decided to ditch the unhealthy, fast paced lifestyle and poor body relationship and switch to an all encompassing holistic health coach? Was it a gradual process or did you take the plunge?

I hit rock bottom. The best thing about hitting rock bottom is: The only way is up. I was lying in a hospital bed and about to give up. I was so sick and tired of playing the game of the endless search for happiness outside of myself. I knew something had to change and I knew I was the only person who could do that. I, then, went on a journey to heal myself naturally and fall in love with myself.

Have your views around love, sex and relationships changed since you have become a health coach and started nurturing yourself with self-love? If so, how?

Absolutely! I view love, sex, and relationships with a completely different pair of eyes. You see, my past relationships were all out of need and driven by my fear. I filled a void in them and they did the same for me. It was unhealthy and 100% driven by fear.

Now, I see a relationship as two whole people deciding to hold hands on this journey of life together. No one is projecting his/her ‘crap’ onto the other person. They are simply sharing their experiences. Relationships are meant to be fun and effortless.

Do you believe that your relationship with food and what you eat affects your sexual energy?

Absolutely! If you are eating clean, wholesome, real foods you think a lot more clearly and are more connected and aware of your body. When you’re connected and conscious of your body, of course, your sexual energy will be positively affected.

What’s your key to a happy, loving relationship with your partner?

Taking ownership of my own stuff and not projecting it onto him.

Having modelled, acted, danced and presented from an early age, you must have had men throwing themselves at you! How do/did you handle the attention and know when to say no?

This was never an issue for me. I believe that, when you are sure of yourself, you don’t need external recognition and you are not seeking outside approval.

From your own experiences of being single, what are some tips you would give to girls who need to fall back in love with themselves and let go of feeling like they need to be in a relationship to be happy?

We need to fill ourselves up with love before we can love anyone else. No partner will fill that void within ourselves which we have yet to love. My advice would be: Fill yourself up with self-love, so that you are overflowing. And remember you are love. You don’t need to fix, change, or improve anything. Just remind yourself that you are love.

What would be three pieces of advice you would give your 16 year-old self?

Hmm. Great questions! I would say:

  1. Don’t look for happiness outside of yourself. Everything you need is within you.
  2. Remember you are in infinite being.
  3. Along your journey, you may wander down a dark ally. But remember: No amount of darkness can put out your light.

What is new and interesting for you in 2013!? I hear you have a new e-book coming out…

Yep. I have a few actually! I am so excited about the prospects for 2013. It’s going to be a ripper of a year.

There are also loads of exciting things happening with Healthtalks, more workshops, tours, e-courses and live events. So stay tuned!

Thanks Mel! you’re an inspiration!! Love rxx

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