How to Tap Into Your Yoni Powers and Radiate From Within

Every year we start off with new resolutions and most of the time we don’t get to complete them all… So this year, how about we start off with an intention. I invite you to join me in the intention to go inward. It’s time we use more of our vulva, our Yoni Power; our true inner power. And shine this power outward, showing up in the world as we are meant to: radiant and magical.

When I started to connect to the power of my yoni, EVERYTHING in my life changed. I moved cities, changed the work I was doing, started my own business, attracted in a relationship and loads of abundance. Working with a simple stone egg completely transformed my relationship with my body, my femininity, my sexuality and the work I do in this world.

As women, our Yoni is such a beautiful gift that the Universe have given us. I love the word Yoni to describe the female genitalia as “sacred temple”, the gateway to the Universe and the source. What a beautiful way to describe our vulvas don’t you think?
What’s unfortunate is that a lot of us are completely disconnected from our Yoni.
The Yoni has been shamed for centuries. She was labeled as stinky, ugly, disgusting area “down there”. The names that people call vulvas are either some child language words like “pipi or wowo” or slang like “cockpocket”. The word “pussy” or “cunt” are some of the most straightforward and direct names that there are, but many people use these words in disempowering context.
When we hear people speak about feminine empowerment, there are so many concepts around it, but not many people speak about the relationship of a woman to her vulva, her pussy, her Yoni.

For a long time I felt very disconnected from my Yoni. It was simply a sexual pleasure centre and that’s about it – a part of the body designed to please and be pleased, nothing more nothing less. I also never appreciated the way she looked – thinking she needed to look like a picture-perfect-porn-pussy!
Many Yonis hardly receive any loving touch… And even less receive praise and are looked at with awe and admiration… Most Yonis are not appreciated for the magical and mystical place they really are.
Without that, our Yonis fall asleep. Or sometimes they even fall into a coma.
To me, Yoni is a place from where all life originated, a source of ecstasy. It’s our most intimate and sacred space full of potent emotion and an infinite source of wisdom.
It’s also believed to be where Kundalini, the untapped energy full of creativity and the foundation for our consciousness, resides in women. So what better way to start this new year than owning our Yoni Power.
What does owning your Yoni Power mean you ask?
I would say it’s owning your walk, your talk and your sensuality inside and underneath your clothes. Having confidence in your vagina and your womanhood.
Each vagina has it’s own personality and character. It’s time you discover yours if you haven’t already. Yoni power is not being afraid of the word vagina. It’s being open and willing to take a mirror and look at her, talking to her, touching and playing with her and telling her how magical, juicy and delicious she is.
Holding her in high regard as the divine one she is.
Many of us have experienced womb trauma through sexual abuse. It’s been reported that nearly 1 out of every 5 women have been sexually assaulted. That is an alarming number to me.
As our womb supports our fertility, creativity and our intuition when a girl or woman has been sexually abused her natural and healthy birth rhythms, and her fertile creative center gets disturbed, disrupted and even blocked.
And when I say fertility and birth I am not referring just to having babies. I’m referring to our ability to birth visions, ideas, manifesting what we desire on different levels, and being able to create and recreate our best selves.
Our ability for self-love without shame and guilt as we deserve a healthy, happy and free life and our Yoni’s health is a huge part of making all of that happen.
But just like any muscle in our bodies, she can become exhausted, tight and even numb. Depending on our experiences in life, whether sexually, through childbirth or medical procedures, the Yoni can be distressed, traumatized and/or hold on to old stories that no longer serve us.
So it’s crucial for all of us to develop a deep and intimate relationship with our Yoni. There are various ways of how we can own our power and access our deepest wisdom and intuition, but these are the main 5 ones I recommend:

1. The Bliss of Breathing Into Your Yoni

We don’t always realize it, but breath plays such an important factor in our health especially when connected with a practice like meditation or Yoga.
Find some time to connect from the top of your head or your heart and breathe deeply into your pelvic area, especially between your root and just below your navel, creating a radiant flow of energy.
If you have been feeling any disconnect whether through health, low libido or have become creatively stuck, spend at least 20 minutes per day breathing into this area. Resting your hands on your pelvis, or massaging the area lightly, can also help.

2. Come Back to Mother Earth and Ground Yourself

Feel the healing energy connect with you from your root by sitting on the grass or earth. I find that this is one of the most natural, nourishing and quickest ways to recharge yourself. I love the feeling I get when I tune into nature be it by observing it, walking barefoot on grass, spending even 5 minutes still surrounded by nature or by simply nurturing a plant.

3. Find Your Flow

What better way to feel your energy, to experience its flow if not through movement? To me, dance is a guaranteed way of energizing myself, of finding my groove and tapping into my inner power instantly. So turn up the music and dance like no one is watching.
Be a wild woman. Be raw, be primal, be you.

4. Make Time for You and Your Yoni

I love some me time, don’t you? Did you ever notice how easy it is to forget to take time for yourself? We are so busy working, taking care of those around us that we often neglect our own time.
So today I want to prescribe you some very well-deserved you time. You and your Yoni time. Bathe or swim in water, if possible preferably sea water, mineral springs or a clean, flowing river.
I love baths so at home prepare yourself a bath with a sprinkling of pink Himalayan salts and just relax and tune into your Yoni. She will love you for this, trust me.
Do make sure though that before any medical procedure, it’s best to avoid bathing (showering is fine but no douching whatsoever) at least 48 hours before or 72 hours afterward. Happy bathing.

5. Utilize Healing Crystals for Womb Cleansing

One of the practices I definitely recommend as a powerful and healing practice with a huge potential to help you overcome your sexual traumas and blockages is the Yoni Egg.
The Yoni Egg is a powerhouse of a tool that will turn you into a Goddess. Through this practice, you get stronger muscles and achieve a deeper and better connection with your Yoni and your sexuality.
Who doesn’t want to heal energetic blockages and awaken her sexual energy, balance the mind, body, and soul and enhance sensitivity? Well with this practice you get to sensitize your body, connect deeply with your Yoni, revitalize your entire being and boost and harmonize your sex drive. You can even balance your hormones (say goodbye to PMS and menopausal symptoms) and awaken to your mystical sensuality.
So I believe it’s time we start feeling our feminine power, heal any sexual trauma and open up to a whole new dimension of orgasmic pleasure! It’s time we show the world our inner power.
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