How to Clear Past Lovers {+ Bonus Meditation}

Guest Post by Madison Rosenberger

I was raised Catholic and attended Catholic school from age 5-18, there were a lot of “rules” I learned in Catholic school about sex that never seemed right to me. I never understood the regulations on sex and lovemaking. For example, why couldn’t we have sex before marriage? The point of making love is to be intimate with one another, and I didn’t quite understand what marriage had to do with it.

However there was one thing I learned in Catholic school that stuck with me, and not necessarily for the reason you might think…

I was about 15 I believe and we had all just been packed into the cafeteria to have the “safe sex talk”.

The first thing they did as soon as we got there was pass out cups of water. One in ten of us were given a cup of water that had been coloured pink with food dye. They then asked us to swap water with 3 other students. This consisted of pouring all of the water into one cup and then splitting it back up into two. By the end of this swap, everyone in the class had pink water in their cups. This was to represent how sexually transmitted diseases travel with unsafe sex but to me it represents something else.

“Do you know that every time you have sex with a lover, whether safe/protected or not, you are mixing up your energy fields?”

Much like that pink water…

And they aren’t only bringing their own energy into your energy field but they are also bringing the energy of every other person they have ever had sex with. Then you take on those karmic patterns and vibrations for yourself.

This can have a huge effect on your overall wellbeing and health. If you are an Empath and are naturally open to taking on energy from others you are even more susceptible to absorbing your lover’s vibrations on a deep level.

Why is it important?

When two people take part in sex they are literally meshing their energetic, physical, and spiritual bodies together, it is even more profound when you are connected to your lover and are emotionally meshed. That being said regardless of your emotional attachment to your lover you will accumulate their energy after a sexual encounter. Some will say that this is natural because we are all “one” and while this is cosmically true as humans we still experience and practice duality on earth. We are still responsible for establishing boundaries with our energy. This is why in spiritual practices we use many clearing tools, such as Obsidian Yoni Eggs, Smudge Sticks, Himalayan Salt, Essential Oils, Sound Clearing, and more.

If you don’t clear the energy of past lovers you may find yourself harboring emotions that are not yours and that will wreak havoc on your being. Sometimes past lovers will also subconsciously leave a cord attached and will be depleting you of positive energy. It is also very difficult to attract a new lover with the energy of a past lover present. So all of that being said are you ready to clear yourself of past paramours?

What next?

Get out that little black book and make a list of everyone you have ever had a sexual encounter with, of any kind (for the sake of clarity, if genitals were involved it counts in this case). It does not matter if it was a one night stand or an 8 year relationship we will be treating them with equal relevance, that being said it may be more difficult to remove the energy of a lover you interacted with 200 times versus 1, but it is case specific, everybody is different and some lovers are more willing to let go then others. If you are having trouble remembering the name of a rendezvous that is perfectly okay just write down something from the experience that triggers or elicits an emotional response. Now that you have made your list, pick one lover. It is not necessary to rush into this, you do not need to clear them all in one day.

Take this process as slow as you need to. Come to your meditation altar or a quiet, private spot to facilitate the clearing meditation and bring any clearing tools with you that you love to use.


Start by establishing your root into Mother Earth. Envision a beautiful root coming out of the base of your spine and each foot (or knees if seated criss-cross Yogi sauce) all three of these roots then make their way into the floor boards, the foundation of the house, the crust of the earth, the mantle and continue to go deeper. They pass bedrock, crystals and animals in the earth and eventually meet together and intertwine around one another to form one stronger root. This root then plunges into the core of the earth which is a beautiful Crystal Cave. Take a moment to observe the cave, what color are the crystals and what formation do they make? Then absorb this beautiful crystal energy back up your roots and into your body and harness it in your Sacral Chakra. Your Sacral Chakra is located in the pelvis and is a beautiful orange color. Envision that the Crystal Cave energy and Mother Earth are feeding your Sacral Chakra and the beautiful orange light that surrounds your pelvic area grows large, bright and beautiful. Take a few moments to breath into your sacrum, genitals, womb (for ladies), bladder, kidneys, and urinary tract.

Then envision Archangel Michael has come to you with a beautiful blue glow surrounding him. He asks you to share with him the name or experience of the lover you would like to clear. He then sends a beautiful ball of yellow light into your mind that floods you with memories and sensations of your lover. Allow these memories to flood over you, feel whatever emotions present themselves, even if there is no logic or reason for it.

Next ask Archangel Michael to bring your awareness to the part of your body or aura where the energy of this past lover resides. Take a moment to really feel the sensations associated with it.

Then ask Archangel Michael to use his vacuum to entirely remove all debris from your past lover. As he clears away the energy remember that he is not rejecting the lover. This is done with complete non-judgment and love. This is not a process only for those lovers you “regret” but for all lovers, even those you may still be in love with! It is not your responsibility to carry anyone else’s energy other than your own. Take however long is needed to completely clear. Remember some energy will clear quicker than others, but some may require for you to come back and continue clearing. Trust your intuition, you will know.

Once finished Archangel Michael will send his beautiful blue glow into the space where your lover’s once was. Ask that he help you keep your energy clear and your boundaries strong. Before you bring yourself back into your reality make sure to express your gratitude to Archangel Michael for his assistance.

About Madison

Madison Rosenberger is an empathic healer, spiritual teacher, writer, nurturer, and lover. Madison’s life purpose is to help you heal your heart, to empower you to stand in your power, and to guide you on your spiritual journey. Madison’s spiritual path started with yoga, what was meant to be purely rehabilitation for a knee injury sparked a whole new way of living. Her intuition was turned on, ignited and ready to go.

Madison believes in her heart-powered healing abilities and the sensation of connection without words. Madison works closely with the Ascended Masters, Archangels and other high vibrational beings. She will help you achieve happiness, peace and confidence through intuitively guided emotional and spiritual healing. She can show you that life is a blessing even during the darkest moments.

Madison is currently writing her first full length book and co-creating her first oracle deck (mermaid theme!) with her boyfriend, Brad Baer.

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