3 Ways To Choose your Crystal Yoni Egg

Every day I receive messages from women asking me which crystal yoni egg they should choose. Time and time again, I ask: “What do you intuitively feel?” And straight away they share which colour or stone they were instinctually drawn to.

The reality is, all yoni eggs do the same thing on a physical level – that is to strengthen & tone the pelvic floor and keep your bladder, bowel and uterus in the right place. However on a more subtle level, the crystal works on different energetic levels.
So take a moment right now to tune in. Place a hand on your womb space – what are you needing some extra guidance or support around right now?
And remember this: There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing a crystal.
As woo-woo as this sounds, the crystal will choose you.
If no crystal is jumping out at you, we have a general rule of thumb. We always suggest working with the Nephrite Jade Egg to begin with as it’s the most dense, non-porous and unbreakable stone (other than maybe a diamond!). On a subtle level, Jade is also very gentle and calming, which is also great for beginners.
If you’re wanting a different crystal to Jade, we have made life easier for you I have split it into three segments, depending what you want to work on. You can also read the whole list of properties here.

1. Sexuality, Relationships & Grounding.

Our lower three Chakras are all about sexuality, relationships, creativity, power, and connection to the Earth (safety, security, grounding).
Black Obsidian: Release negative energy, healing sexual trauma, grounding, protection and connection to Root Chakra.
Red Carnelian: Enhance sexual energy, boost libido, heal the womb, empowerment stone, balance hormones.
Red Jasper: Build courage and confidence, ignite passion, fire, motivation and drive.

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2. Love, Romance & Connection to Self (Heart Chakra)

Our Heart Chakra is responsible for all things love, romance, compassion and forgiveness. The more we are connected to our heart, the more we can begin to express through our Throat Chakra (voice) and thus our Sacral Chakra (sexuality). It’s the bridge between the two and is so important as a woman to feel connected to our heart as it’s our “positive pole” – the home of where we GIVE so much love & energy, but struggle to RECEIVE. Any pink or green crystals will help with this, such as:
Rose Quartz: Stone of love, romance, intimacy, self love and compassion. Heart Chakra healing after break-ups.
Nephrite Jade: Emotional balance, deep healing, boosts health, creativity and vitality.
Indian Jade: Abundance, prosperity, good luck with new ventures and opportunities.

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3. Relaxation, guidance & clarity (Third Eye and Crown Chakra)

Our Third Eye Chakra helps with intuition, guidance and inner knowingness. Our Crown Chakra connects us to Spirit, God, The Universe. Feeling balanced in these Chakras brings about a sense of calm, relaxation, meditation and overall being-ness. The following crystals may amplify these qualities:
Amethyst: Overcome anxiety, promote a peaceful sleep, calm, meditation and helps with addictions
Moonstone (Girasol): Sacred feminine energy, sensuality, intimacy, communication and deep healing.
Clear Quartz: Master healer, clear out stagnant energy, chakra healing, clarity, peace.

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I hope this has helped bring more clarity to your Yoni Egg choice.
Here at Yoni Pleasure Palace/Rosie Rees, we only stock crystals that are safe to use internally. All our crystals are certified by our supplier and do not contain any additives, glues, dyes, waxes or petrochemicals. Each egg is highly polished and as imperfection-free as can be (albeit they are natural rocks from the Earth)! If you receive an egg that has cracks or you are concerned about some fractures in the crystal, please send back to us, keep on your alter or give back to Mother Earth. If you can run your fingernail over it and feel a crack, be wary to use it internally.
Still hesitant about using a crystal in your vagina?
Think about this: what do you think we used to use before plastic, rubber or silicone was invented?
Yep, we used stone, wood or metal…as eggs and as dildos.
But remember not all crystals can be used internally!
Try to avoid the following crystals internally: Blue Howlite, Pyrite, Selenite, Rhodanite, Blue Sodalite, Blue Calcite, Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, Red agate (may have dyes in it), Fluorite, Opal, Hematite, Calcite, Tiger’s Eye , Labradorite, Malachite and any dyed crystals.
Love Rosie x