Couples Nude Yoga Interview

Being a Relationship Coach and a Yoga Instructor, it would be ludicrous for me not to teach Couples Yoga! Right? And why not teach the class in the nude?
The experience is magnified – by a thousand – and brings the couples into a closer connection with each other without it being a ‘sexual’ connection per se (just because we’re naked, doesn’t mean it has to be sexual). Naturally, it is quite a sensual practice, however the concept is to create a bond of ‘non-sexual intimacy’, and couples soon realise after 5 minutes of being naked that it is FAR more of a spiritual connection, than a sexual connection taking place. Teaching Nude Yoga feels like natural progression for me; something I was born to share with the world. So after teaching our first workshop on the weekend in Perth, I wanted to scream it from the rooftops! I interviewed one of the couples who attended, Kendall and Todd, to share their experience with us about how they felt throughout the practice and what to expect (or not expect)…

How long have you been together?
1.5 years.
How did you find out about Couples Nude Yoga with Rosie?
I heard it on the radio (92.9fm) and instantly messaged Todd to look it up and get us booked in.
What was your expectation of a Couples Nude Yoga class?
We both expected it to be sexual and that we would be doing a lot of different style yoga poses, like a standard gym yoga class.
And how did this differ to your actual experience?
For us it was more than just a “nude yoga class”. It took us both on a journey each personally and as a couple. We both discussed after the class of how strong we are, how much we connected and how happy we are as a couple. We embraced the verbal and non verbal communication aspect of nude yoga.
What was your intention for the class?
Kendall: My intention was to find myself emotionally and to also explore the connection I had with Todd.
Todd: My intention was to strengthen our spiritual connection and to explore a different avenue in increasing my sensual connection with Kendall.
What attracted you to Couples Nude Yoga?
The fact we could be nude as a couple and explore each other emotionally and embrace our bodies and to share a common interest with others.
At what point did you feel yourself surrender most to your partner?
It was the holding of hands and looking into each others eyes that was the most powerful part for us. We learnt about the feminity side (left eye) as we could feel each others souls and the masculine side (right eye) seeing each other as who we are and what we fell in love with. As our palms were touching we could sense the two different energies flowing. It was at this point where our barriers came down and we both felt extremely emotional and connected spiritually.
What emotions did you experience throughout the class?
Kendall: I felt as a big relief was lifted off my shoulders with the energy that was coming from Todd – when he was either holding me or touching me. I felt safe and loved; more than I have felt in a long long time! There were parts where my eyes teared up and I appreciated the love that I felt from him. It was extremely an emotional experience for me and a powerful one at that.
Todd: Being naked in the room with other people felt quite liberating and boosted my confidence levels that we are all equal and unique.

“Performing yoga moves in unison with Kendall felt like it brought us closer together on a subconscious level and I was mesmerised by how beautiful and sexy she is. Upon gazing into her eyes it was extremely moving and I could see how humble, honest and sincere her love was for me. It was very touching and definitely brought our love to a higher level.” ~ Todd

What was your favourite part of the class?
Todd: The disrobing at the beginning of the class how males went first and how we disrobed our female partner which felt very sensual and personal. Performing the partner yoga poses ie: plank. Towards the end of the class where I (Kendall) was sitting in Todd’s lap (yab/yum) hugging and embracing our love and appreciating one another. And we both enjoyed the connection we felt gazing into each others eyes.
What was most challenging?
Todd: Flexibility of the yoga poses.
Kendall: Breathing powerfully in and out of my nostrils.
What wisdom, advice or tips can you take home from having taken part in the workshop?
We came away from this class appreciating what we already have started in our relationship and how much we cherish each other. We feel like the “feedback signals” can be used in everyday life – intuitively listening to each other’s body language and non verbal communication. We know we are a strong couple and learning some of the techniques such as simply eye gazing can strengthen our relationship more on a spiritual level. At the end of the session having a chat as a group and listening to Rosie and Ares while still being nude and exchanging experiences felt very comfortable and comforting. Overall we learnt new skills and techniques on how to appreciate and better our relationship. We felt relaxed, comfortable and free!

Rosie and Ares have designed a gentle, restorative and breath-work focused workshop aimed to bring couples into a deeper connection with each other.

What (if anything) do you feel has changed or impacted your relationship since taking the class?
More than anything, our spiritual connection. Through this class we acknowledged this connection through non verbal communication and conscious touch. For other couples thinking of taking the workshop, what words of encouragement would you give to them to try it!?Its going to increase your physical, emotional and mental connection.

“Be prepared to let your guard down because this is an emotional and liberating journey in an extremely safe environment. A huge credit to Rosie and Ares to making us feel extremely comfortable being nude, being ourselves and allowing us to be raw with emotion and assisting us with our connection through their coaching and explanations.”

Who do you feel is the workshop best suited for?
Any couple that is open minded and who wants to strengthen their relationship to a new level.
Three words to sum the experience up?
Powerful, safe and sensual.
Would you come again?
Yes! We will see you for the next class!

Great news! Rosie is touring around Australia in June/July 2016!
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