Change your neural pathway about your BREASTS

I love boobs.

All shapes.
All sizes.

They’re ALL beautiful.

However when it comes to my own breasts, I’ve noticed myself being quite critical of them…without consciously realising it in the moment.

Mental phrases play out like…

“I wish they were bigger.”

“Why can’t they sit a little higher.”

“I would love fuller, rounder shaped breasts.”

“Smaller nipples would be nice.”

These, my friend, are sneaky yet well-entrenched neural pathways that slipped under my radar for many years – humming away in the background of my mind every time I looked in the mirror, wore a low cut top or in the middle of being intimate.

They sneak in, without consent, and stem from a lifetime of brainwashing media and conditioning about what a woman’s breast should look like.

And the thing is, I could have the most “perfect” breasts in the world…but unless I see it, know it and believe it for myself — it means shit all.

It happens in Nude Yoga all the time; it’s usually the most beautiful, physically drop-dead-gorgeous models who attend and are the most insecure and discriminatory of their body.

They’re stunning — but they don’t see it for themselves.

“And really, you seeing and owning your own beauty is the only one that matters.”

Because if you don’t love your body (or in this case, your breasts), it’s VERY hard to recognise it from others or to receive love, compliments, praise or even physical touch.

It falls on deaf ears, and desensitised, love-deprived, numb tits.

How many times have you cringed when your partner or lover has touched your breasts?

If you’re not comfortable with self-touch, how can you be comfortable with another touching you lovingly, or with desire here.

These negatively-geared self-abusive comments are extremely damaging long term and NOT REAL.

I repeat, NOT REAL.

{By “real” I mean your soul isn’t telling you this. Your mind is. Your ego is spinning this story. Not your heart.}

They are ego-driven comments to keep you small.

To compare you to others.

To remind you you’re not enough.

And worst of all…to create separation between you and your body.

When really, your body is meant to be your ally in this lifetime – your buddy, your temple, your vehicle to carry your soul.

I remember when I was 10 or 11, I was given some hand-me-down bras to wear when my boobs were to, inevitably, grow into massive, bodacious ta-tas.

My friend and I would wear them around the house and stuff socks inside them to fill them out.

“I couldn’t WAIT to be a WOMAN. I wanted big boobs, wide hips and lots of pubic hair – because that’s what a REAL woman looked like.”

However when it was time for my breasts to grow…they didn’t grow much, I never got much pubic hair and my hips didn’t widen much either.

I was like: “Hello!! Boobies, did you forgot the memo?!!”

Throughout high school I stayed petite, athletic and fairly flat chested, until I went on the pill and they started to grow, slightly.

Fast forward 10 + years and I am standing in the shower (a great place to practice being completely present) and I awakened to the unconscious mental conversation I was having with my ego about my breasts.

My gorgeous, perky 12B breasts.

I almost gasped.

How could I speak to myself like this?

Immediately, I cupped both breasts, looked down to my bosom and said fervently out loud:




I repeated it over and over and over again.

Out loud.

Then silently.


Then calmly.

Until I felt a well of gratitude fill up from the inside me.

I then proceeded to massage each breast for 5 minutes using a feminine heart-centered oil blend by Shamana (this is my favourite blend).

Infusing each breast with love, respect and gratitude.

And more than anything, acceptance.

You see, our breasts are the physical manifestation of our heart and if we are disconnected from them, we are disconnected from our SELVES.

Here are some helpful breast self love tips from me to you:

  • Daily breast massage with natural oils.
  • Positive breast mantras, affirmations and incantations.
  • Have bra-free days…daily! (Read here why this is so good for you).
  • Change your body language. Sit up straight, roll your shoulders back, and open your chest area. Yoga will help with this.
  • Activate and tone your pectoral muscles with regular exercise (i.e. push ups / chatarunga).
  • use natural herbs and remedies for breasts such as dong qui, saw palmetto, thistle and wild yam, fenugreek, marshmallow root, fennel seed, dandelion root, watercress root. More on that here.
  • Eat healthy fats like avocado and nuts.

Would love to hear from you in the comments below…

What’s your relationship like with your breasts?

How do you go about loving / accepting your breasts?

What rituals do you do to open your heart and love this space in your body?

Love Rosie x

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