be naked...more often

Take off your clothes.

More often.

For the woman who declared she wore only perfume (Chanel No. 5) to bed, Marilyn Monroe candidly says it best:

‘It’s not true that I had nothing on. I had the radio on.’

My message is simple really, yet it has such an extremely profound and liberating affect on both our gross and subtle bodies (AKA our physical and psycho-spiritual).

As I was drying my hair and getting ready for work this morning I noticed I was naked… *shreak*. Well it’s the first time I had realised that I actually do a lot of stuff naked, and I am totally comfortable with that, well I don’t even know I am doing it – it comes so naturally. (I realised this was not so normal for some when my mother scoffed in horror at my skinny dipping/nudist escapades over the holidays).

For example…

Last night I made my green smoothie naked in the kitchen.

I then danced around my bedroom naked.

I also sat in my bed naked and wrote in my gratitude journal…yep naked.

I did some naked yoga on my mat this morning.

I walked from my bedroom to the bathroom naked.

I had a shower naked (had to throw that one in there!)

I made my cup of coffee naked.

I then made my bed naked.

I even brushed my teeth naked.

One thought: God, my neighbour must love this!

Another (more important) thought: Doing things naked is an extremely freeing, liberating and healing experience. In my opinion it helps you become more comfortable in your own skin – which is the most important thing, since we are only given one life and one body so we might as well love it. Right!? We are born naked, yet we are taught to wear clothes. Our conditioning tells us to cover up, especially our private parts. But who really cares!?

A penis is a penis.

A vagina is a vagina.

Boobs are boobs!

Big woop.

One of my favourite things to do in the whole entire world is to go to a Japanese Onsen (hot volcanic natural springs – ahhhmazing especially after a massive day of snowboarding down the mountain). Future husband, please take note.


Because you have to do it naked! It’s the rules.

{If I am reincarnated, I hope to come back as a snow monkey. Seriously – what a sweet life!}

Japanese Onsen

Don’t get me wrong, I am not telling everyone to walk around the streets naked – please don’t or you will get arrested! I am just suggesting to come back to your natural way of being, at least in your private life.

Maybe looking at yourself square in the mirror in the nud and loving yourself straight away is too big a step. So let’s start small.

Some baby steps…

Embrace your body in the shower.

Feel over every limb, bone, muscle, edge, bump, knuckle, nail, hair, freckle, mole, wart, cist, crease, nook, cranny.

Touch it. Feel it. Send it love. Electrify it with your fingertips. Send it some good vibes.

Admire your skin – your largest organ of the body.

Hold onto your joints with both hands and feel a sense of gratitude for what you have been blessed with.

Focus on one area or part of your body and harness your love to that part.

Gaze into your eyes in the mirror (soul gazing) and look into your soul. Admire the colour in your irises, the shape of your eye, your pupil as they dilate.

Close your eyes and sit naked in your room. Scan your body from head to toe and feel into your energy centers (Chakras) and feel if there are any uncomortabilities, blockages, tension or pain anywhere. Send those areas love.

Listen to your breath as you inhale and exhale.

Feel your breath like the oceans’ waves rushing over your body, cleansing you, renewing you.

*Note* If you don’t feel comfortable to do these activities in your own home or around your partner, maybe ask yourself why…or why not? (Fair enough if you live in a share-house or your parents!) Are there some things you have not communicated with your partner, or maybe not even admitted to yourself?

As a kid growing up on a farm I remember running around the back yard naked to dry off after a shower. In high-school I went to boarding school, so sharing rooms with at least three other girls meant seeing and being openly nude a lot. As for now, I embrace being naked whether I am alone by myself at home, in a community of naked people like at the Summer Renewal Festival in Byron, or with a lover.

I believe that if you want to feel more confident and comfortable in your body, try and be naked more often. Stop hiding your beautiful flesh. Your booty and boobs. Your ass and dick. Your chest and belly. Initially you might hate it, or feel really awkward…but the longer you do the more you will come into acceptance.

Real Life Story.

I had a conversation with a woman I am working with at the moment and she said to me a few times in the course of one conversation how unhappy she was with her body and how much work she has to do to get back to peak physical condition. She told me how she was at least 15kg off her ideal weight. Then she went off to say how even when she was in a peak physical state (she was a professional body builder – quite the craze lately!) she still wasn’t happy with her body. So I said to her:

‘If you’re not happy when you are exactly where you want to be, why don’t you just decide to be happy with where you are now’.

This is totally within your power by the way. No matter where you are on the scale of body confidence, who gives a shit!? Just decide and commit to being happy where you are right now. Even if it’s not your peak. Because even when you are at your peak you will still find things to complain about.

This is in your control.

This is in your power to decide.

When I lived in London, I was always so worried about my career, what I was going to do next and what I was going to do for a living. Looking back, I just wished I had freaken enjoyed where i was living, the places I was visiting and the people I was meeting – rather than worrying about the future so much, because that worry and stress took me out of the present moment. I wished I had totally and completely loved where I was at in that time of my life, despite all the uncertainty in the future.

Coming back to your body, even if you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see, stick with it; it’s a day by day, week by week, year by year process. If you feel like your boobs aren’t big enough, or your biceps aren’t defined enough, or you hate the shape of your nose. Stick with your nude, naked, vulnerable self and practice self love every day in your daily routines and rituals. Infuse those rituals with love…and your body will love you back and people will be drawn into your life who will LOVE you for you!

Contentment and ease will come in time. Continue to accept your body for where you are at RIGHT NOW and lovingly admire your body.

We are blessed to have one!


Rosie x

P.s. Do you struggle looking at yourself in the mirror or can’t seem to love yourself…not even a little bit? Call me for your free 15 minute strategy session.