How to heal Pelvic Floor tension

I had a cuppa this week with a women’s pelvic floor physiotherapist who said that 90% of her clients are women who have an ‘over-active pelvic floor’. Yep, women are TOO TIGHT! Which means, for most women sex is painful and uncomfortable. And it’s no surprise really. We are so damn busy, stressed and ‘uptight’ – literally.


Phoebe from Femme Physio said that one way to soften the vaginal tissue and relax the pelvic floor is to use a ‘dilator’.

A dilator being a long tube-shaped device often made of plastic and designed to soften the vaginal tissue, relax the pelvic floor muscles and essentially stretch the Yoni.

Phoebe shared just how common it is for women to struggle with the following:

  • vaginismus
  • vulvodynia
  • pelvic pain
  • painful intercourse
  • difficulty having a gynaecology examination (Pap smear)
  • unable to insert tampons

Have you ever encountered any of these issues?

You’re not alone! Chances are most of your girlfriends, colleagues & mothers have too.

And it’s totally ‘fixable’!

With deep slow breaths, releasing sounds and gentle de-armouring using a handy dilator/pleasure wand – anything is possible! It is SO important that we connect with our Yoni 1:1 (solo in the privacy of our cosy bed) to help the process of penetrative sex.


You all know how I feel about using plastic internally (having got thrush many times from using out-dated dildos and vibrators made of poor quality material), so what better substitute than to use crystal rather than something synthetic.

I understand you might be thinking: “But it’s cold and hard!?”

Yes, crystal pleasure wands are cold and hard, however when you warm up under some warm running water and lather in coconut oil or a natural lubricant of choice, it makes for a beautiful ‘dilator dildo’ to gently stretch the vagina and press into tension areas inside (just like your neck might have tension areas). Like dilators, they also come in three sizes: slim, tapered and thick.

Our line of pleasure wands are 100% natural, phallic-shaped designs for women who want to transform their masturbation practice into a self-loving, self-pleasure practice, infused with crystal healing.

The pleasure wand is a great substitute for plastic, rubber, silicon or latex dilators, dildos or vibrators, which can desensitise our most intimate places over long periods of time. The wand is completely free of toxic petrochemicals, BPAs and phthalates (unlike some plastic sex toys), which are known to play a factor in disrupting the endocrine system and may play a part in cancer and infertility.

The pleasure wand helps women connect deeper with their Yoni (Indian sanskrit for ‘Sacred Temple’), increase sensitivity within and experience first-hand the vibration of crystal energy, rather than the vigorous vibrations.


  • Choose a time when you can relax and not rush
  • Have a warm shower or bath before to soften your muscles
  • Create a safe place where you feel relaxed and no one can interrupt
  • Increase blood flow by massaging your breasts with a coconut oil, this will help to open the Yoni.
  • Use plenty of lubrication on your wand and your vulva
  • Firstly, the goal is to feel comfortable with inserting the wand inside you, so take 10 deep long breaths with the wand at the entrance of the vagina
  • Take your time and gently let the wand slide in, little by little. Imagine the ring around your vagina loosening and opening with each breath – like you’re yawning open
  • Notice you thoughts. If any fear comes up, keep relaxing. Don’t let the pain exceed 4 out of 10. If your brain expects pain, it will keep sending this message to your vagina – causing it to contract even more, preventing penetration.
  • Bring your FULL awareness to the physical sensations you feel internally
  • Let a sound arise to voice how it feels – any sound is welcome! This will help loosen and open.
  • Visualize yourself calmly inserting the wand and enjoying the sensations.