5 Tips on Balancing your Sacral Chakra {Sexuality, Relationships & Emotional Wellbeing}

I get asked a lot by my clients and tribe how they can heal a particular Chakra.

Can I just start by saying that having an awareness first is always key. Simply knowing what your Chakras are, where they are located and what they mean in relation to you and your life is a great start.

In my previous article, I outlined how to determine if your Sacral Chakra is over-active or under-active, so in this article I will give you some tips on how to balance your Sacral.

First, ask yourself these simple statements and see what comes up (a yes, a no, or a head scratch).

  • I have healthy, non-dependent relationships
  • I tap into my creativity regularly
  • I have a healthy sex life
  • I know what I want and how I’m going to get it
  • I handle my emotions well and anything life throws at me
  • I enjoy sensual pleasures in my life guilt-free!

On a Physical Level

Your Sacral Chakra is located just below your navel. For a woman it is her womb space, ovaries, vagina (basically your whole yoni), kidneys, urine track and lower back, and for a man it is his penis, testicles, kidneys, urine track and lower back.

A lot of people experience problems in these areas if they suppress their emotions. They bottle them in or just push them down – literally – so they fester in this area of the body. I’m talking ovarian cysts, endometriosis, kidney stones, UTIs, severe PMS and to a larger extent vagina cancer, anal cancer, prostate cancer.

Just read Louise L. Hays story on how she suppressed the emotions of her childhood rape and how this turned into vaginal cancer in alter life.

Tips on Sacral Chakra Self Healing

1. Water, water, water

The element of the Sacral Chakra is water, and is related to the moon and the tides.

Drink more water and be around water as much as you can. The ocean is ideal as the properties in the sea breeze are sea water are extremely healing. If the water is too cold (W.A. water is FREEZING) simply breathing in the salty air is SO good for your lungs! When I lived in London, I would pay to sit in a ‘Salt Cave’ to heal my lungs (after years of childhood asthma and teenage/early 20s smoking cigarettes my lungs were in a terrible condition) and the salt cave was a beautiful place to go, sit and focus on the breath.

Since doing yoga more seriously over the past few years and moving to live by the sea more recently, my lungs now are in tip top condition and I have WAY more energy! My Sacral Chakra is in balance more than ever before. How do I know this? Because I am happier and healthier, I handle the waves of my emotions easier, I say NO confidently and honour my worth, I self-pleasure rather than go off bonking my sexual tension away, I am attracting more like-minded beings and relationships and I enjoy sensual pleasures often and feel damn sexy!

If you can’t be near the sea, simply have a bath and add salts (Epsom salt is great). Also check out Flotation Tank Therpay, or just go to your local Day Spa and sit in the sauna and then dunk in the warm water. A walk by the river or lake will do just fine as well.

2. Have a boogie

Dance like a maniac. Close the curtains, let your hair down and move your body.

Dance is one of the most healing things you can do with your body.

Find a local 5 Rhythms in your area (they are all over the world).

If you live in Sydney, go to Angel and Matt’s The Future Sound of Yoga.

If you know the amazing, embodied human Susana Frioni, check out her Love, Sex Desire (LSD) sacred dance parties on once a month.

If you have ever been to Ubud and attended Yoga Barn’s Ecstatic Dance, you will know what I am talking about!!

Check out your local Kundalini Dance or Chakra Dance parties.

No excuses – hop to it!

3. Express your feelings (talk to yourself)

Do what you can to understand how you feel, or how someone or something makes you feel.

Get in touch with your sensitive side. If that means crying and sobbing then do it. Or maybe it means yelling and screaming and punching the pillow, then do it.

If you don’t know how you feel, sit quietly, take a few deep breaths, meditate and ask yourself how you feel. Be patient. Be gentle with yourself. If you’re constantly DO-ing and THINK-ing then how are you meant to know how you are FEEL-ing?

You can only find this in moments stillness.

Once you have figured it out, talk it out…to yourself. I might be slightly nuts, but I often chat away to myself…at home…in the car…walking…and it’s so damn healing! I have FULL ON conversations with myself – I must look like Gollum from The Lord of the Rings with his split personality (lols) but I don’t care. It helps me.

We are actually our best therapist. We already know the answers inside. It’s just about discovering them.

I have worked out so many issues or problems just by having a coaching session with ME.

Then once you feel you have an idea what’s going on inside, chat to your friends about it, your family, your partner, or hire a coach to discuss it more.

4. Affirmations

Write them down, talk them out, stick them up around your room, use them as mantra. Go!

I enjoy my life now; I am present.
I give myself permission to enjoy and receive sexual pleasure.
I allow in abundance and prosperity.
I let my emotions flow naturally.
I accept myself just as I am now.
I deserve happiness and sweetness.
I trust that I am loved.

The more you say it, the more you feel it, the more you know it, the more you believe it.

5. Try this meditation at home (for men and women).

Sit quietly in Easy Pose (cross legged). Tuck a pillow under your sit bones if you need to lift the hips up.

Elongate your spine.

Shoulders relaxed.

Gently tuck in the chin to keep the neck long and the energy running up and down the spine.

Hands on your knees, thumb and forefinger touching, palms facing up (to receive).

Inhale for 5, hold breath for 5, exhale for 5.

Do this 5 times to calm the nervous system and gain presence.

Now imagine, in your minds eye, a bright, glowing moon right in front of you.

Visualise the bright, healing white energy from the moon shining in travelling in through your left nipple, filling up your breast *(or chest) with milky, white light. Watch the energy move over to the right breast (or right side of your chest) and exit through the right nipple back to the moon.

Keep doing this for 2 minutes and then swap to breathing in the moon energy through the right nipple and breathing it out the left nipple.

Fill up your entire chest and breast with bright, white, healing light from the moons glow.

As women, we receive through our Yoni (vagina) and we give through our nipples (milk for children).

This meditation is about receiving that life energy back through our nipples.

Once we draw in the moon light through our nipples we can draw it down into our womb space or sex organs, then breathe it back up and exhale through the opposite nipple.

It is just as effective for men in honouring their divine inner feminine, as we all have both inside us – masculine and feminine energies. Yin and Yang. Light and Shadow. Ida and Pingala. Shakti and Shiva.

Happy healing your Sacrals!


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