5 Mysteries of the Cervix Uncovered

The cervix is very misunderstood by both medical professionals and sex educators, so it’s time to start shedding some light on this amazing organ in our female body!
One of my favourite specialists in this field is Olivia Byant. She has an epic masterclass that teaches you how to sexually awaken the cervix. But first, here are some things you might not know about the Cervix:

1 – Your cervix moves up and down

Your cervix moves up during ovulation and is low during your period. The cervix is usually 2-3 cm long. During high arousal, the ligaments pull the uterus and cervix out of the way to avoid a battering during sex; however, it’s often the case that we’re entered before being ready, which isn’t great for the cervix. Feel your cervix before arousal and at peak arousal to note its different position.

2 – Your cervix expands and contracts

Obviously we know the cervix will open to allow a baby out, but did you know this expansion can also occur to a certain degree during particularly deep sex? The cervix opens like a mouth and draws in the penis or whatever might be causing it to come alive. This is a rare experience but it feels amazing.

3 – Touch your own cervix

Why should it only be lovers or doctors that have access to your cervix?! Now it is true that the cervix is a cheeky little minx who likes to hide out in awkward places but for the most part, your cervix is accessible if you find a way to squat or crouch or put your legs up or even on the toilet seat will give you more access. It may well be a beautiful and profound moment when you do make contact with your cervix. Give it a try!

4. A waiting room for sperm

I love reading Sherri Winston’s description: “sperm wait in ‘sperm hotels’ in tiny glandular pockets in the cervix, and are preserved there for up to 5 days.” Just chillin’ in luxury. These glands produce special cervical mucus during ovulation which helps the sperm slide right on in.

5 – It’s super orgasmic!!

Our cervix is highly orgasmic and although it’s a different sensation to a peak clitoral climax, it’s a much longer, deeper, more expansive feeling! In 2012 Dr Barry Komisaruk proved through clinical trial that female bodied people can have an orgasm despite spinal cord injury.

READ THAT SENTENCE AGAIN! The clitoris did not register activity in brain scans so we know the clit has nothing to do with this kind of orgasm. The participants either felt pleasurable sensations or a full-blown orgasm. This is because it’s attached to three sets of paired nerves that run alongside the spinal chord from the brain to the cervix. You can read more about this in an article here.

If you haven’t met Olivia, she’s taking on science, the medical profession and lovers of cervixes to change the conversation about the cervix and to share the sexy potential of this amazing organ. Thousands of women have gone through her programmes now. Make sure you check out her class coming up.

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