5 Juicy Ways I Use My Yoni Egg

Is your yoni egg propped on your alter gathering dust?

Hiding in the back of the bathroom cupboard?

Or is it tucked away in your top drawer, safe and sound, far far away from your yoni?

I know a lot of women who buy a yoni egg, maybe even invest in an online course, and have the best intentions to use it but don’t do anything with it.

Perhaps fear stops them (i.e. how do I get that thing out!?).

Or maybe not not knowing exactly how, or why they should be using it!?

Let me share with you one important (and obvious) thing:

“Using your yoni egg once a month (or not at all) aint going to change anything – it must be consistent!”

To put an end to any confusion or uncertainty, I am going to share with you 5 ways I personally use my yoni egg, which will inspire YOU to use your yoni egg too, because a woman connected to her yoni and empowered in her sexuality is a POWERFUL woman who knows what she desires, how to pleasure herself and how to communicate that to her lover.

1. Self Care Practice

I see the yoni egg practice as a self care practice; a way of re-connecting to ourselves in a deeply intimate, yet non-sexual, way.

The practice forces you to SLOW DOWN.



And tune in to our vagina and womb – our feminine power centre.

The yoni egg practice plugs you back in to your power source by reconnecting you to your Root Chakra, the foundation of our Chakra system. For the left brain peeps, recent scientific discoveries have found that the Chakra system is directly linked to the Endocrine system, representing the seven major glands in the body. So if we are not connected to our Root Chakra, how can we possibly be connected to our other energy centres?

We care for our hair by washing it. We care for our skin by moisturising it. We care for our gut by eating healthy food. We care for our breasts by massaging them. So let’s care for our yoni by bringing awareness to it and making it strong, toned, elastic, healthy and juicy!

How do you currently care for your yoni?

2. Sleep with your Yoni Egg

From time to time I feel called to sleep with my yoni egg inside me. It helps me to journey deeper into dream state and also allows me to wake up feeling very aroused and lubricated.

There are practitioners who support this practice and practitioners who advise women to avoid this practice. At the end of the day you have to listen to your body and do what intuitively feels right for you. For me, it has always felt right; not every night of the week but perhaps a couple of times a month.

Some women in my private Facebook group say they sleep the best they have ever slept when they have a yoni egg in, particularly when using an amethyst stone (this crystal holds the metaphysical properties of sleep, rest and calming the nervous system).

Other women say by wearing a yoni egg at night it keeps them up, makes them feel very alert, restless and sometimes even incredibly orgasmic, particularly when using the obsidian stone (this crystal holds the metaphysical properties of releasing, grounding, protection and letting go).

One client of mine in her 60s was having trouble with restless leg syndrome, which had her legs continuously moving and uncomfortable during sleep. She started wearing her red carnelian yoni egg to bed and within days the symptoms were completely gone. She felt the egg had helped to strengthen the intricate muscles in her lower back, lower abdomen and pelvic floor – bringing blood flow to these crucial areas of her body.

Either way you look at it, it’s wise to try it out for yourself and see how your body responds to using different crystals, during different times in your cycle and during different phases of the moon. Comment below to share your own personal experience on sleeping with your yoni egg.

3. Practice Yoni Egg Yoga

This is exactly what it sounds like: practicing yoga with your yoni egg inside you.

Disclaimer: Remember to wear undies and yoga tights in case the yoni egg wants to spontaneously pop out. Worse things can happen sister, so don’t be embarrassed!

Just as you engage your bicep or your quad during a yoga pose, it’s just as important to engage your pelvic floor muscles, and by having an added weight internally, it intensifies the resistance giving you feedback on how strong your muscles are. So when you’re in a warrior pose, you can imagine hugging the yoni egg inwards and up towards your Heart Chakra (visualise this, even if you can’t feel the egg).

Typically, I will try and remember to insert my yoni egg before I head off to my favourite hot yoga class (currently ‘flow frequency’ at the Yoga Lab) or when I do my three morning sun salutations. Sometimes my yoga practice is a deeply feminine journey where I am grounded on my yoga mat doing lots of sufi grinds and spinal flexes. This feels extra juicy with a yoni egg in!

Note: It’s SUPER normal to not feel your yoni egg when it’s inside you. In fact if you felt your yoni egg inside you all the time, it might get annoying or uncomfortable. But know that even though you don’t feel the weight, doesn’t mean it’s not working. It absolutely is! In my experience, if I have worn my yoni egg for too long (8 + hours), I felt cramping and bloating sensations and wanted to remove the egg straight away – this means the muscles are tired! I don’t recommend using your yoni egg for this long, however as I mentioned – do whatever feels right in your body. We are all so unique!

If you want to explore an in-depth online course on Yoni Egg Yoga, please check out my friend Sophia’s online course, which I am a proud affiliate for (use the link provided). I haven’t created my own course (yet) so I love supporting other women in this field!

4. Do Your Kegels with Yoni Egg

The difference between doing your kegels vs practicing yoni egg yoga (above), is that kegels are active pelvic floor pulses, whereas the yoni egg yoga is more passive (i.e. pop your egg in and do your yoga – the weight and gravity will do the work for you!).

“Doctors are now suggesting women to use a weight as resistance to do their kegel exercises!”

During an expo I was exhibiting Yoni Pleasure Palace at this year I was surprised how many women in their 50s and 60s were wearing pads because of incontinence problems. Some had had children, others had not.

No one informed me this might happen in my old age!

I asked them if they did their kegels, and most of them said “yes, but not with a yoni egg”.

So in my eyes, this is the missing piece!

By doing regular kegel exercises with a yoni egg it prevents prolapse, weak bladder, incontinence and vaginal atrophy. Think of a yoni egg like a dumbbell weight; you wouldn’t not use a dumbbell to strengthen your bicep at the gym, the same as you wouldn’t not use a yoni egg to strengthen and tone your yoni. Our vagina is an intricate network of muscles, organs, glands and ligaments that need to be toned to stay strong, flexible, elastic and healthy.

A nice, simple kegel practice to do with your yoni egg is to tighten your pelvic floor muscles for 8 seconds and then relax for 10 seconds, and do this 10 times three times a day (in the car is a great time to do it!). If this is too much, try 5 seconds contracting and 5 seconds relaxing.

The first thing to do is to empty your bladder, and while you’re there, stop the flow of urine. This will help you identify the muscles you are meant to be engaging during your kegel practice – also called the Pubococcygeus muscle or PC. By doing this regularly you will have more intense orgasms, improve your bladder control and your muscles will become more strong and elastic.

Note: It’s not all about getting a “tight pussy” (although this is what society/porn/men desire!)! It’s about creating a strong, toned, healthy, alive and awake yoni which can massage a man’s penis, squirt across the room, orgasm multiple times, self-lubricate etc. Besides, who wants a tight hamstring? Or a tight neck? Having a tight muscle in your body isn’t always a good thing and I know a lot of women who have a very tight yoni and who have very painful, uncomfortable sex. The yoni egg practice is to help tone the yoni so it can tighten, but also expand during love making or self pleasure.

5. Vaginal Weightlifting

This is something new I am exploring and it excites me SO much!! I have been following and watching Kim Anami since I was 25 and although I can’t lift a surf board (yet), I can lift two bananas and also my sacred squirter glass dildo (below, me at Melbourne Sexpo).

Rosie Rees Vaginal Weightlifting at Sexpo 2017

Vaginal weightlifting is a great way to discover how strong your yoni is becoming, just like you want to know how much you’re progressing at the gym with your dead lift!

If you want to try this at home, firstly I suggest you purchase a medium size, drilled Nephrite Jade egg (the highest quality jade you can get your hands on!) and also our strong non-waxed, non-minted floss.

Thread about 40cm of floss through your yoni egg and then insert the egg.

Begin with some gentle kegel exercises or pelvic tilts whilst your lying down in your bed or on your yoga mat.

Then stand up and do the same thing – tilting forward and back. When you feel ready, you can tie some weight to the end of the string. When I first tried, I linked on two bananas. The second time, I hooked on my glass dildo (which had a hooked handle). You can also make your own weight by adding sand to a pouch and then tying it onto the string.

You can watch Layla Martin’s video on vagainal weightlifting as it’s very simple yet educational!

I hope this has been helpful for you to create your own home practice using the egg.

Remember this is an ancient Taoist practice dating back over 5000 years; not a quick-fix new fad. The Queen and her concubines in China used the egg to channel their sexual energy, become more youthful and fertile and pleasure the King (of course)!

Find out what works for you, your yoni and your body and share that in our private Facebook group.

You can grab your yoni egg here!

Love Rosie x

Cover image by erotic photographer Kathryn Rollins