4 Benefits of Sleeping Naked

I have never been one to sleep naked.

Yep, admittedly even as a Nude Yoga teacher I have never understood how or why people would choose to sleep naked!

You must get so cold!!

As a little girl I used to get sick a lot – mostly with asthma and chest infections – so my Mum would always cover me up head to toe in pyjamas, socks, jumpers and blankets.

Even leaving the house I rarely leave without a jacket, scarf and maybe even a beanie!

I have always hyper-focused on keeping warm, as that’s what I was conditioned to believe growing up…”If you’re cold, you’ll catch a chill and get sick”, and I hated being sick, so I covered up. Even in the middle of summer I will usually wear a long sleeve top and pants to bed.

{I bet you’re thinking – what the!? And she’s a Nude Yoga teacher…}

Recently, however, my partner and I both woke up early and had a cup of lemon and hot water together (our new morning ritual). Our body clocks were slightly out of whack since arriving home from our Nude Yoga Tour (check out our LIVE TV interview with The Morning Show here), and it was still dark outside, as it’s the middle of winter here in Perth. So we ventured back to bed…AND GOT NAKED.

Well, well, well!

How have I been left in the dark this whole time about how AMAZING sleeping naked is?

My partner almost always sleeps naked, so it wasn’t a big deal for him, however for me it was massive!

As soon as we started to snuggle up in the buff, a few things happened…

sleep naked 9


The moment our skin touched and we experienced each other’s body skin, heat and scent – we both became aroused (it’s kinda hard not to). It was interesting how quickly we both got in the mood — it was almost instantaneous…and I’m not a morning-sex-kinda-gal, so that’s saying a lot! {I’m a 2pm in the afternoon kinda gal}.
So sleeping naked gets you in the mood more often…and the easy-access thing is a no brainer!

More sex = more orgasms = increased health, wellness and connection!

sleep naked 7


Sleeping naked helps to increase the feel-good chemicals in your body, like oxytocin (the cuddle hormone). After going to sleep naked together, we were definitely more connected, affectionate and in a better mood during the day. Skin to skin contact builds trust, closeness, connection and intimacy – all essential ingredients to a longer lasting, happy relationship.

Oxytocin also lowers your levels of anxiety – and who doesn’t need that?
sleep naked 5


Because I usually sleep clothed, I tend to get twisted up easily in my sweaters, pants and socks. I have also woken up numerous times sweating head-to-toe from overheating, spiking my cortisol levels (stress hormones). I discovered when I slept naked – none of that happened. Groundbreaking news!

I slept better, deeper and more sound than ever. And our body heat kept each other warm.

sleep naked 4


Marilyn Monroe was quite open about sleeping naked claiming she wears “nothing but a few drops of Chanel No. 5”. And look how sexy and sensual she was!?

Being naked more often definitely creates a more conscious connection with your body, in particular your breasts and yoni (or penis, for a guy). So many women go about their day ignoring these parts of their body, however when we sleep naked we have no choice but to be aware of these sensual body parts – our hands tend to find their way to these erotic places, massaging with tenderness and curiosity.

For the ladies, it also gives our yoni a chance to breathe lessening the chances of getting vaginal infections like thrush. Win, win!

sleep naked 3

So there you have it! I am sure there are plenty more benefits to sleeping naked that I have yet to discover, but I can tell you this much – I will be sleeping naked WAY more often! Any way I can connect deeper with myself and with my partner is going straight on my list of daily rituals.

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Comment below to let me know your experience with sleeping naked.