Rosie Rees (she/her) is an activist for internalised freedom, a groundbreaking sex toy creator, sex educator, and pleasure pioneer whose very existence is a catalyst to a leg-shaking awakening of your own. Her work moves beyond “normalizing” the existence of women and their bodies; it is a full-blown revolutionary act that dismantles the structures that have women convinced that their bodies aren’t their greatest allies, pleasure isn’t their birthright, and that the pinnacle of their evolution is how small and quiet they can be. 

Rosie is the founder of Yoni Pleasure Palace, The Naked Awakening (Women’s Nude Yoga), and one of Australia’s leading Sex and Relationship Coaches. Her work started with her own awakening and continues to have a ripple effect of viral proportions that is actively creating the world we have been waiting for. 

Rosie Rees



Yoni Pleasure Palace started in my mum's spare bedroom and has grown to be a multimillion-dollar empire, supplying alternative sex-positive products and feminine intimate wellness products for folks all over the world. 

My tantra studies coupled with my desire to discover and explore my own sexuality weaved together perfectly so that Yoni Pleasure Palace could come to life in 2015. It has grown from sharing one Jade Egg with my immediate community to creating a global brand and designing a bespoke line of glass and crystal pleasure toys that can’t be found anywhere else – virtually every pleasure wand was created from me scribbling down the design to pen & paper and taking it to my supplier. Everything that I have created has been born from my passion for forming healthy relationships - including the one between us and our bodies, in particular our “yoni’s” (aka vagina/vulva). 


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Whatever it is that I am designing and offering - products, programs, offerings, workshops - I am deeply intentional about creating sex-positive, safe, and inclusive communities around the world. I am a voice for the taboo topics that keep us suppressed, for supporting people to shed the shame when it comes to their bodies and pleasure, and for creating more opportunities for women to appreciate themselves and experience the lifetime of pleasure available to them. 

My work has evolved past normalising women existing, I am the revolutionary to the structures that have convinced us that our bodies aren’t our greatest allies, pleasure isn’t our birthright, and that the pinnacle of female evolution is how small and quiet we can be. 

Let this be the first place you take up space. Take a look around, there is plenty to delve into here. If I can help you along your journey - I’m here!


Alongside my sexual awakening in 2014 came a “naked awakening”. After relocating from Brisbane to Perth and moving into a beach shack with a guy who happened to be a nudist and a tantra teacher, my world cracked open. I started practising my daily yoga naked in the backyard, which at first was awkward and uncomfortable and brought up all my negative, self-loathing beliefs to the surface until one day I started to accept and embrace all my perceived “flaws” and “imperfections” and started to feel more comfortable in my skin. 

One summer morning during a euphoric nude meditation under the sun I received a loud & clear message from my higher self demanding: “You need to teach naked workshops for women to help them love their body!” So I listened obediently and although I was scared of what people might think and how it would be received by the world, I did it anyway. And thank goodness I did, as it turns out thousands of others feel the same. I’ve now facilitated hundreds of workshops to over 5000 vulva-owners with many more to come. 

After multiple TV and radio interviews whilst touring Australia in 2016 with Women’s & Couples Nude Yoga workshops, one photo went viral on social media and my Instagram blew up from a couple of thousand followers to almost 40,000 overnight. Then in 2019, I created the Naked Awakening™ method which is the four-hour workshop designed to help vulva-owners release their insecurities, shame & fear and step fully into their most empowered, liberated, vulnerable, sensual self, regardless of age, shape, size, race or background! We now have five instructors who teach NA in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Taught in a safe, honouring, candle-lit space, the workshop is a celebration of our sensual, female form and is journeyed beautifully through breath, sound and movement. Cultivate courage and find a workshop near you - you won’t regret it! 


Rosie is a Relationship and Sexuality Coach trained by the Robbins-Madanes Institute in the U.S. Rosie is also qualified in Kundalini-Tantra bodywork by teacher Chantelle Raven & Simon Martin from Embodied Awakening Academy as well as trained in the Self Pleasure Modality by Victoria Redbard from the New Paradigm Intimacy. Rosie also has two degrees in Business Management and Journalism from the University of Queensland and was accepted into a Masters of Sexology at Curtin University and postponed to embark on her business ventures. 

Rosie studied Hatha Yoga by Yoga Indea with teacher Bharath Shetty in Mysore India, Kundalini Yoga by KRI institute in Bali under Guru Dass and Yin Yoga in Perth, Western Australia.


Rosie Rees is a creative, an activist, a “I’ve got the backs of every female body in existence” trailblazer of social stigma who jumps into the ring to go toe-to-toe with internalised body-shame, homophobia, and pleasure avoidance. And good god, Rosie always comes out on top.

Right now you see the Rosie who creates products, experiences and movements that empower women. But I wasn’t born with a crystal dildo in one hand and a viral hashtag in the other (I did of course start it naked and awake, more on that later). I was born and raised in a small, rural town called Dalby in Australia. 

Raised in a strict catholic household, my childhood was shaped by events that had people praising me for being “so grown up” - you know, the type of admiration that comes from recognising that a child is acting like an adult. I spent my teens repeating the learned behaviour of abandoning myself to save others. Right up until the year of my 19th birthday, where post break up I waltzed into the sex toy shop to get my first vibrator. The first glorious, buzzing step on the path to reclaiming my pleasure and body. 

While there was some lingering devastation that someone else had popped my cherry, the vibe and I became fast friends. Sparking many conversations with my clit about the lost memories between the two of us, including when we first met. I reminisced and held myself through the time that I tried to introduce myself at age 12, but the shame of god quickly wrapped its catholic coated fingers around my body at the thought of someone catching me. But there was nobody around to catch me now. 

Armed with a can-do attitude for romancing my pussy to its glory days, I found myself coming home from Sexpo with a SHOW BAG full of dildos and toys, and thus, the love affair of the century began. 


Amid mass-masturbation sessions, I somehow found time to get my hands on a Business Management Degree, majoring in Marketing and Journalism in 2009. When the GFC hit, I took it to the chest; unable to find a job I did what I do best: I got creative. Before I knew it, I had a one-way ticket in my hands and I was off to live in London and backpack Europe.

I worked in a fancy restaurant and rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous, but not without picking up a habit or two. This was peak Party Rosie, except I was in a well-frequented club called “Beat yourself up”, and the DJ was playing a song called “This just AIN'T it Rosie''. 

Subtle, but I got it. I was soon on my way to Sydney determined to remix my life; it was time to live out the corporate fantasy.

It wasn’t long before I was ending a toxic relationship with my boss and attending Tony Robbin's “Unleash the Power Within” and goodness, did I unleash. 

While I was crying on the floor of rock bottom, a friend asked me “Rosie, if you could be anything in your life and not have any fear - what would you be?” My mouth moved before I could think - “ I want to be a sex therapist!” 

Since that moment, my whole life has changed gears and I found a purpose to work towards. 

Never one to do things in halves, I reached out to all of the greats - Nikki Goldstein (now a stockist for my toys and blankets), Jacqueline Hellyer (I’ve taught Yoga at her couples retreats), and Dr Rosie King (the FIRST subscriber to my blog) - Australia's leading sex therapists at the time, finding out how I could unleash myself into the dream. They ALL replied! And with their guidance, I qualified as a Relationship coach, and my passion for helping women get out of abusive, controlling relationships had a place to thrive. 

Feeling like a wealth of knowledge, I started my blog. A mix of self-therapy and contagious enthusiasm for the single life was the recipe for success, it gained traction! Ever the open lover I had hot yoga waiting for me on the side, and was quickly engulfed by my love affair for hot movement. I quit my job and went to India and Bali to study Kundalini Yoga. It was on my Eat, Pray, Love journey that I had my first experience with a Jade Egg - and it changed my life. 

Eat, Pray, Love evolved to Eat, Pussy, Love and the world changed for the better.


This new found enthusiasm for crystal sensations put a hold on the online store that was about to launch a range of vibrators. I ditched my vibrator and slowed right down. 

I went from high vibrations, to high vibrations. 

Finally, at the pleasure party, my intuition hadn’t just guided me to slow down, it had guided me to unravel completely. Squirting, internal orgasms, full body orgasms, energetic orgasms - it was all unlocked. Like the universe was permanently telling me I had passed go and here was my $200. With an awakened pussy and a new, throbbing lease on life I decided to chase the dream further - all the way to Perth in my little red Barina with everything I owned. 

Setting foot in a beach shack I shared with a Tantric Nudist, I returned to how I entered the world - raw and naked. I stripped down and stripped away, all that was left was me, and I brought it all to the mat. Where my guides told me that this medicine would change the world. I knew I would be ridiculed but I did it anyway, embodying my motto 

“your vision only has to be a little bit bigger than your fear”.

People told me that Perth wasn’t ready for it, that the world wasn’t ready for it, but it wasn’t about what the world was ready for. It was about what it needed. So I did it anyway. 

My first Naked Yoga (now Naked Awakening) SOLD OUT, had a HUGE waitlist, and KEPT SELLING OUT.

It went completely VIRAL - one photo attracting 20K followers overnight and 50 requests to speak on radio shows all over Australia. After I went on the Morning Show, I knew Nude Yoga was going BIG.

Now, the Naked Awakening has 5 trained instructors. I currently teach 6 workshops a year all over Australia. There are plans in motion to put the Naked Awakening training online so that the messages can go far and wide. 

We all know the best things cum in threes, I had my Pleasure Awakening, my Naked Awakening, and lastly came my Gay Awakening. 

In classic Lesbian culture, I spied Ash at an event, declared to a friend that I wanted to marry her, and then didn’t speak to her for three years. Finally, in 2018 I confessed my crush, Ash shared hers and we came together (and have been ever since). Ash has since come out as Non-Binary and uses They/Them pronouns. 

Overnight, I became a step mum to a 2-year-old, and like many new parents, my nervous system was completely shocked. Adrenal Fatigue took over and I started to tick the boxes commonly reserved for postpartum; anxiety, stress, overwhelm, weight loss, hair loss and insomnia. After a powerful session with a hypnotherapist, I was able to recenter. Since then I have been outspoken about my step-parenting experience to the delight of my community. 

In 2021, a week after Ash proposed they lost sensation in both of their legs. I rushed them to the hospital where an MRI showed that they had a legion in their spinal cord that was causing numbness - the diagnosis was Transverse Myelitis caused by MS. The air was heavy with the unknown of what that fully meant, and if Ash would walk and dance again. 

The following month was one of the hardest; Ash has treated over and over again until miraculously their right leg came back to life. The house was transformed into a wheelchair-friendly zone and after about 6 months Ash started taking their first steps again despite not regaining feeling in their left leg. This was understandably a dramatic life change, and it brought us all closer. 

It reinforced the gratitude for the simple things; like putting one leg in front of the other.


Now, our family has expanded to include Harry the Spoodle. The team has expanded to 12, and Yoni Pleasure Palace has a whole warehouse to itself where people love to come in and have a luxurious shopping experience. 

A business that started in a Fremantle loft, and grew up in my mother's spare room has bloomed into a multiple 7 figure business. 

Squirt Blankets went viral in 2021 with articles in VICE, Rolling Stone, Urban List, Pop Sugar, Daily Mail, Pedestrian TV

I currently own and operate five different businesses. I launched the Squirt School and the Golden Yoni Membership. My Midas Touch knows no bounds and I continue to create viral sensations and trends such as #stopsuckingitin and #sensualeating

If you have gotten this far, thank you so much for coming down memory lane with me. I am so passionate about people believing in themselves and birthing their own dreams in reality, and I know if you have gotten this far and drawn parallels from my humble beginnings and yours, I would love you to join our (free!) community groups to be surrounded by other like minded women so that we can cheer you on in your journey.