{Video} 3 Powerful Tools To Love Yourself

This week I was so blessed to be featured on TLC Thursdays by The Ladies Coach! Christal Fuentas is a fellow Tony Robbins graduate, beautiful friend and Relationship Coach based in Las Vegas, and she asked me to share some of my juice of self love!

Loving yourself isn’t just about writing down affirmations on your mirror, meditating once a day or being your own best friend. There is so much more to ‘self love’ than this!

First of all let me clear something up. Self love and putting yourself #1 is not selfish. I repeat NOT selfish. In fact it’s better for everyone in your life if you love yourself, since:

“You simply can’t fill up someone else’s cup if yours is empty.”

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Below are three FOUNDATIONAL tools that I have trialled and tested, and which have significantly helped me learn to love, accept and ultimately like myself.

1. Accept Yourself Fully

Self love stems from total appreciation and acceptance of who you are as a being, inside and out.

It means accepting ALL the pieces of you that you love, and don’t love (yep, that’s your muffin top, your ‘jealous bitch’, your upper lip hairs, your saggy breasts, your uneven vagina etc.).

It’s super easy to love and accept your good sides to you, but not so easy to love and accept the bad sides of you. Right?

However, you see, self love is loving BOTH.

Besides, true beauty shines from within and there is a real radiance that comes with self acceptance.

Self acceptance is SEXY!

Something magical happens when we surrender to our light and dark – we become whole. And when we become whole, that is, nothing needs to be changed, added to or fixed, we are freaken RADIANT!

And really, how much sexier is a woman who owns and loves ALL of who she is? She inspires me, that’s for sure!

2. Implement a ‘Daily Sadhana’

Since becoming a Kundalini Yoga teacher I realised the importance of having a daily sadhana, i.e. “practice”.

Having a daily practice brings you back to your centre and reminds you of your truth. For me personally that is that “I am a soul having a human experience.”

If we don’t have something that we do everyday, by ourselves in complete solitude, we can often forget what’s important in life and become swept up with the busyness of life (interesting that busy-ness also spells out business).

So often we try to seek love (and answers) outside of ourselves, however a daily sadhana is simply a reminder of the love (and answers) that exist inside you.

When we quieten our mind enough with stillness, we become clear, focused, soft and calm. For me, I like to change it up between yoga (especially Kundalini Yoga), meditation, walking mediations in nature, chanting/kirtan and self massage.

It can be 5 minutes or two hours – depending on what you have available.

More than anything it’s about commitment. Committing to yourself, and putting yourself first.

3. Sensuality & Self Pleasure

My go-to word to guide me back to my soft, juicy core is:


When I say and feel the vibration of that word, I feel sensuous. It softens me and brings me back to fluidity and my flow. It’s impossible for me to feel stiff, rigid, angry or pissed off if I feel sensuous. Go on, try it for yourself. Right!?

When I embody “sensuous” it can look like anything from self pleasuring with my Crystal Pleasure Wands, wearing my Yoni Egg for the day (check out RosieRees.com/Shop), massaging my breasts with coconut oil, dancing, resting, having a picnic, lying on the sand at the beach, feeling the water bath my body in the shower or bath, eating delicious food…and more than anything savouring every single sensual moment with my senses.

Sensuality does not only mean sexuality. It embodies ALL your senses.

Self pleasuring is a sure-fire way of self loving. It is Self Love in ACTION.

love rosie