7 Tips for Re-Igniting Your Sex Life

Are you in a sexual rut? if so, you are not alone. While it is normal to experience the occasional dry spell in your sex life, especially in long-term relationships, it is possible to push the reset button on your sex life.

Here are some quick tips for reigniting the passion in the bedroom and reconnecting with your partner.

1. Pleasure Yourself in Front of Your Partner

Want to re-ignite your sex life? Two words: mutual masturbation.

Allowing your partner to watch you pleasure yourself allows them to see exactly how you want to be touched, increases intimacy, and builds trust. It can also be a huge turn-on pleasuring yourself in front of your partner or watching them as they pleasure themselves.

2. Get Active Together

Reclaim your sexual power, connect with your partner, and enhance your self-esteem by getting active together. Try a yoga class, go out dancing, or do an online workout session together.

You can also do a solo workout class to get in touch with yourself and boost your self-esteem before bringing home your newfound confidence to your partner. Nude yoga was life-changing for my inner confidence and wellness and I highly recommend it to any woman looking to enhance their self-esteem.

3. Plan An Adventure To Boost Dopamine

Doing something new with your partner builds intimacy, adds excitement to your relationship and gives you something new to talk about together. It can also promote the release of dopamine, a brain chemical linked to romantic passion and physical attraction.

Think outside the box and try an activity that excites or even scares you a bit.

Some fun ideas to try might be:

  • Go on a cave tour
  • Take a lesson in a sport neither of you has tried (paddleboarding, mountain biking, scuba diving, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, golf, kiteboarding, wakeboarding, etc.)
  • Go to an amusement park
  • Go to an escape room
  • Find a new hiking trail to try
  • Find a secluded location, pack a thick sleeping bag, and go stargazing on a clear night

4. Schedule a Dedicated Sexual Exploration Night

Take one night and commit to exploring each other sexually by:

  • Trying new moves
  • Talking about your hidden fantasies
  • Telling your partner things you normally avoid saying
  • Explaining your expectations in the bedroom
  • Trying out a new toy
  • Trying mutual masturbation
  • Whatever sounds fun!

There is no pressure. It’s all about a night to have fun, explore each other’s needs, and learn about each other while building trust and communication.

Trying something new with your partner in bed.

5. Take a Sex Class

Find a one-night sex class, bondage class, weekend sex convention, or online sex educator to help you learn new sex techniques, positions, props, and toys in a fun, educational, non-intimidating way.

Or you can visit a sex shop together and look at different toys, books, novelties, and games. You can also have fun shopping together from the comfort and safety of your own home by shopping at my comprehensive online catalogue of crystal sex toys, pH balanced lube, yoni eggs, anal play toys, and more. It can be fun to talk about what toys look interesting or appealing to you or your partner and see if there are any that look tempting to you both.

6. Boost Communication

Lack of communication in a relationship can have dire consequences on a couple’s sex life. Practice talking openly, having hard conversations, being honest with each other, and speaking gently and respectfully to one another. This goes for all areas of the relationship, but healthy communication is especially important in the bedroom.

If both of you are honest with each other, willing to compromise, and willing to work together, it is possible to improve areas of tension and grow together. Even if you do not match up perfectly in terms of sexual desires or needs, there are always ways to get creative without compromising your comfort level.

Make the bedroom a safe zone, first and foremost. Honour and respect each other’s boundaries, always get consent before trying something new, and make the bedroom a judgment-free zone. You and your partner should both feel you can discuss or request anything without guilt or shame. If a partner is not comfortable with something, it should always be respected.

Share your desires, fantasies, needs, and expectations openly and with love. The more you practice communicating openly, gently, and honestly, the better you will both get at it — in and out of the bedroom!

7. Address Your Inner Needs

The stress and rushed pace of daily life can wreak havoc on your sex drive. Be sure you and your partner are paying attention to stress levels and working to keep them in check.

Pay attention to stress as it can lead to low libido.

Enhance Your Sex Life

I hope these tips help you tap back into your inner sexy and reconnect you to yourself and your partner. For more tips on improving your sex life, check out my blog or feel free to reach out to me.

I also invite you to join my private Facebook group — a sacred, private space where you can comfortably discuss all things sex, women, and empowerment.

Wishing you excitement, creativity, and sexual fulfilment!

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