The link between SEX + ABUNDANCE

So, does a healthy dose of sexual magnetism = infinite flow of abundance?

According to Napoleon Hill, Kim Anami, myself and a bunch of other theorists, it certainly does.

Think of it this way…


Orgasm clears and opens the energy channels in the body.

Orgasms are activated in the Sacral Chakra – the 2nd Chakra – located below the belly button in the reproductive organs and around the 4th vertebra of the lower back.

It is the Chakra of Sexuality, Relationships & Creativity.

And the Sacral Chakra element is WATER.

Water is calming, cooling, clearing, uplifting, flowing, but also ridiculously powerful (just look at Niagra Falls!)

As the Kundalini (life-force, creative energy we all have stored in our base Chakras) rises, it undulates through the Chakras, opening and clearing as it spirals and weaves up and out the top of the head into infinity (or remaining in the body if you’re practicing Kundalini Yoga and wearing a head-scarf).

When we have an orgasm, I like to think of it as a powerful stream of liquid (your ‘Amrita’ essence) coiling, creating and carving a river upwards through the body, clearing and rejuvenating as it moves, trickles and gushes into every part of your body.

It clears out the blockages and stagnations on its journey up the Sushumna central energy channel to the Crown Chakra.water

This movement revitalizes the organs of our body, opens the heart and clears the mind.

It creates more flow in your body.

And ‘as within, so without ‘ – how we feel within, usually appears in our physical realities.

Thus, raising your Kundalini energy creates more flow & abundance in your life – in many forms (not just money).


In the ancient cultures, as within the core of many spiritual paths, sexuality is acknowledged to be a natural connection to Spirit.

“Over the past two thousand years, certain Daoist and Tantric cultures sought to tap the power of sexuality to cultivate elevated spiritual states of awareness and achieve immortality. These practices appear to have originated in China and India and later spread to Tibet and elsewhere in Asia. Daoism and Tantrism are both experiential approaches to life, and share similar microcosmic-macrocosmic theories of the human body as an inner mirror of outer Nature. The body-centered cosmology of each has led to a spectrum of sexual practices that range from ritualized physical sexual intercourse to celibacy accompanied by conscious subtle-body love making.” ~ Bokemkamp, Wile, White.

Sex and sexuality was sacred, revered, and a path to enlightenment.

Heck, even Buddha put it this way:

Enlightenment is found in the female sexual organs (Yoni).

In Ancient China, the Queen and her concubines in the Royal Palace would use Jade Eggs as a means of, not only strengthening the Yoni and sexually pleasing the King, but also raising their ‘life-force Kundalini energy’ to the higher Chakras in the body, hence becoming enlightened, free of the mind and experiencing inner peace.



It is our orgasmic energy that takes us to a mindless-ness state.

That brings us ecstatic joy.

That makes our body shudder in pleasure.

That brings us spontaneous moments of intuition and epiphanies.

That inspires us to return to Source, to find our way “back home” to our Sat Nam – our truth (we are souls here for a human ride on Earth).

When holding onto and armoring blocks in your body & life force energy (shutting off sexually or not fulfilling your sexual appetite in a healthy means), we then disconnect from our very essence, from our life force.

Napoleon Hill (author of Think and Grow Rich) suggests that sexual magnetism, when harnessed correctly, creates personal success. He also emphasises the importance of the combination of LOVE + SEX, saying this:

“Love, Romance, and Sex are all emotions capable of driving men to heights of super achievement. Love is the emotion which serves as a safety valve, and insures balance, poise, and constructive effort. When combined, these three emotions may lift one to an altitude of a genius.”

Kim Anami (Sex Coach and Vaginal Weightlifter Advocate) is another supporter of sexual transmutation into genius, money and success, suggesting that how you are in the bedroom, is how you appear in your life – especially financially:

“The openness you have to being penetrated by your lover, is reflected in your openness to being penetrated by life.

The surrender that you have in bed, the depths to which you will truly let someone inside of you and be willing to lose control, is where the magic happens.

In bed and in life.”

Anami also has this golden nugget of wisdom to add:

“Sexual energy is life force energy. It creates new life. If you aren’t creating babies, you need to be directing that energy somewhere. If you don’t, it will invert back on you in all sorts of destructive ways, creating everything from depression to weight gain to health problems to zero cash flow.

You have the creative power of the universe at your genitals. Use it.”

So – are you under-sexed? If yes, then you’re probably underpaid too! No?

If you’re under-sexed and paid well – then how fulfilled do you REALLY feel?

If you’re well-sexed and not paid well, what’s the missing internal link?

If you’re well-sexed and well paid – well GO YOU! Share us your tips?


As you may already know, I practice and teach Kundalini Yoga – a Tantric technology that leads the sexual life-force energy upwards in the body (so our Shakti can meet her Shiva).

I was driven by an intense curiosity about the nature my own sexuality, which I intuitively felt to be central to my spiritual evolution. And this lead me to India to learn Hatha Yoga, to Bali to learn Kundalini Yoga, to Tony Robbins to learn Relationship Coaching + Strategic Intervention…and now to Perth to learn Sexology and more about Tantra.

Whilst practicing Kundalini Yoga I have had waves of bliss…from brain orgasms, throat orgasms, full body orgasms to overwhelming feelings of lightness, calm, clarity and peace. It made me realise that ‘Kundalini energy’ isn’t just sexual. It’s a Universal Life Force that can (and does) penetrate so many different parts of your body!

I have also experienced HUGE changes and shifts in my life. I quit unhealthy habits such as binge drinking and smoking. Ended toxic relationships with friends and sexual partners. Came out of my unhealthy masculine way of living. Put a stop to seeking worthiness outside of myself. And now I experience a plethora of abundance in my life simply by following my soul, heart, passion and intuition.

And it’s abundance in many forms – not just money. I’m experiencing an incredible conscious relationship with an amazing new man, enriching, deep sex, new friendships, a luscious back yard with giant trees and beautiful space for meditation, coaching clients and a coaching space, new ideas for my online shop, a gorgeous beach shack, travel etc.

I am constantly TURNED ON with my life. Like literally aroused. Throughout the day my Yoni will send me ‘f*ck yes!’ messages (wetness, contractions, tingles).

Life is meant to excite you – in all parts of your body, not just you’re genitals.

Your partner is meant to excite you.

Making money is meant to excite you.

And you CAN have it all. It’s just a matter of changing your mind, planting a seed of intention, trusting and creating your destiny. Looking at life as an adventure, not a constant challenge, and remembering that SEX AND ABUNDANCE ARE YOUR BIRTHRIGHT!

Combine the two and WHOA, watch out!


So do you agree – as in bed, so in life?

How you make love, is how you live your life?

Do you need some more ground-breaking, conscious lovin’ to bust through the blocks in body, energy and hence your financial situation?

Do you agree that the more sex you have, the more financially abundant you will be?

Have you witnessed a link in your own life?

Please comment below to share with the tribe!

Love Rxx

P.S. I’m not just talking sex with a partner. Solo sex (masturbation) is just as transformational. It helps you get to know yourself, what you enjoy, how your body works, what your genitals feel and look like etc. It’s a GREAT place to START!

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