The Danger in Operating too Heavily from your Base Chakras

Over the past month I have experienced some massive shifts.

The penny has dropped, or in spiritual terms, the Kundalini has risen.

Allow me to be frank (and vulnerabIe).

I can openly admit that I operated heavily from my Base Chakras (located base of spine and below belly button) as long as I can remember. Of course I would venture into my heart space often and use my solar plexis intuitivist regularly; however generally speaking I spent the majority of the time bopping around & partying down in my sacral and root chakras. I guess you could say I had a twisted base chakra, or a blockage preventing the free flow of energy upwards. It became stale and stagnated in the nether regions, and I made some unwise decisions.


What does this mean?

It means I focussed my energies on safety, security, certainty, familiarity, relationships, creativity, pleasure, sexuality, desires, attention, and basically instinctual survival needs and wants, laced in a flurry of lust. I felt unfocused, unbalanced and I was spending a lot of time worrying about money and future career security. I felt I was not in my power centre and was unauthentic and ungrounded. I was in a downward spiral worrying about how I was perceived and hence was peppering layers on top of me so that no one could see what was really going on in my internal world, and to an extent my external world.

There was a multitude of signs and wake up calls from the Universe over that ‘woke me up’.

The most prominent of which was my long time best friend came to me, although terrified of how I would react, and expressed that she felt I was ‘off’ or out of line. Energetically she felt I was unhealthily using my base energies and she felt frustrated and hurt for whatever it was that I was up to. She couldn’t have been more right, and opening up to her what was actually going on instead of pretending everything was OK was the beginning of my healing. Another light bulb moment was when Tony Robbins picked me out of the crowd at Date with Destiny and layed into me about what I value in a relationship and where my core energy was focused…which he guessed right was predominantly in my masculine (a wakeup call doesn’t get much bigger than a grand Tony Robbins intervention).

The importance of being truthful with ourselves.

We must be honest with ourselves about where we are at. For me, I had to remove all my armour & pride and be brutally honest with my bestie, to finally be honest with myself.

Since this moment, I made a conscious commitment to myself – to live with truth, integrity and authenticity! To feel into what feels authentic to me, and cut chords with anything that doesn’t, including unhealthy relationships that were not serving me and which were coming from a space in my base chakra hub – a powerful, yet dangerous energy center to make some (not all) decisions!

Over the summer break I journeyed down a long, winding, scenic spiritual path. With the help of some beautiful souls, a lot of free flowing dance (The Future Sound of Yoga, Lovedance, Biodanz, Bellydance) as well as self-healing workshops, time spent in nature, meditation, kirtan chanting (singing in Indian Sanscrit), yoga, and womens/mens circles, I felt myself shift. I felt my energy rise out of the depths and move up to my heart space. I could feel myself soften, warm, become gentle and soothing in my feminine power center…and I had never felt such at peace in my own skin in my life. I began to make decisions from my heart rather than my hungry needs and desires. And I realised how much those hungry needs and desires actually clouded my vision, both physically and from a soul perspective. I felt like I could start to see people’s souls, rather than their exterior or facade they were putting up. I could feel them as a being, rather than a male or female, young or old etc. For example, I would be massaging someone’s body and my hands would instinctively move to their sore spot, or I could feel if someone was saying or doing something outside of their truth. I felt my third eye open and I became super aware of who I spending my time and energy around, even to the extend of who I gave a hug. I could sense while engaging in a hug with someone if they were needily feeding off my energy, or if it was a beautiful mutual affection and acknowledgment of two beings.

Essentially, I slowed down. Before making a decision, I took a moment and looked to my higher self, my divine, and allowed her to guide me. And I tested myself a few times, and every time my divine intuition was always right. Things would just slide into place in divine timing. I didn’t need to push or shove or force like before…

So what are the signs that you’re operating too often in the Root and Sacral Chakras?

  • You’re constantly seeking love, approval and intimacy from people (anyone will do
    & anything from hugs, sex to even eye contact)
  • You’re stuck in a codependent relationship out of fear and familiarity
  • You’re worried about your foundations – home, money, job (change and movement makes you anxious)
  • You feel alienated, abandonment or insecure
  • Pain and discomfort in your lower back, legs, hips, pelvis, bladder, kidneys, genitals
  • You’re on pleasure over-load either masturbating regularly or engaging in sexual activity (physically and spiritually ejaculating or emitting your energy all over the place, rather than conserving it as a sacred source for good)

How you can heal yourself:

  • Meditate on moving the energy in your base upwards towards your heart space and beyond – visualise a golden ball of light clearing the blockages. Google or Youtube ‘Chakra Cleansing Meditation’ and away you go!!
  • Take time out from engaging in any sexual activity (self pleasure or with a partner) and focus your energy in controlling your mind and circulating the sexual energy into other areas of your body. Have some self control!
  • Break free from any controlling and negative relationship you feel ‘stuck’ in.
  • TRUST. Put more trust in yourself and the Universe. Know that everything will be OK and you don’t need to worry about your foundations. You are always looked and after and you are never given more than you can handle.
  • Stay grounded. Spend more time on the bare earth in nature and feel the earth’s energy radiating up through your feet like roots of a tree into your entire body. This will give you a sense of grounding and centering.
  • Drink lots of water and herbal tea to flush out your bodily fluids – physically removing toxicity from your body
  • Go with the flow and remember your achievements and how far you have come
Don’t get me wrong, your Root and Sacral Chakras are certainly helpful in many ways! Your root Chakra helps you feel connected to the Earth, grounded and that you are safe in your home and your world. Your Sacral Chakra is your hub of creativity and pleasure – which are our rights as a human! What I am asking is for you to feel into your divine flow. Pin point an area or Chakra in your body where you are spending a majority of time or perhaps where you feel a lot of pain…and meditate their. Sit into the pain and let it wash over you, for it’s only when we dive into that pain, that we can truly break free.