The Pure Bliss and Power of Cervical Orgasms and 4 Tips for Having One

Vaginal orgasms. G spot orgasms. Clitoral orgasms. We often hear of these types of orgasms, but if you have never heard of a cervical orgasm or are curious how to have one, get ready to learn about one of the most powerful experiences you can gift your body with.

What is a cervical orgasm? I hear this question a lot. The best way to describe a cervical orgasm is a deep, pulsing, amazing pleasure that spreads throughout the entire abdomen. If you are especially lucky, you can even feel a cervical orgasm through your entire body.

While you might feel a long way off from experiencing an orgasm you have never heard of, I assure you with patience, practice, and a playful, accepting attitude, you will get there and experience this earth-shattering pleasure for yourself!

What Is The Cervix?

Your cervix is a spongy patch located inside of the vagina, all the way at the back (about 3 to 6 inches inside the vagina, depending on the women). It separates the vaginal canal from the uterus.

A Surprising Truth About Cervical Orgasms

In my years of practice, I have noticed an epidemic of painful or numb cervix’s.

While you may have been told that it is common for your cervix to feel uncomfortable, this is a sensation you can work with and develop over time into pleasure.

Discovering The Hidden Secrets Of The Cervix

While researching spinal cord injuries, orgasm researcher and scientist Dr. Barry Komisaruk found a sole pathway to orgasm within the cervix. He found that his subjects could experience orgasms and pleasure through the vagus nerve.

This discovery proves the cervix has its very own pathway to orgasm and pleasure independent of our other pleasure capabilities. It is actually the only organ in the body connected to three entire sets of paired nerves. Basically, it is perfectly designed for feeling.

What Is It Like to Have a Cervical Orgasm?

Wondering what to expect during a cervical orgasm? Here, I’ll go in-depth on what you can look forward to feeling.

Unlike clitoral orgasms that build localised tension followed by a release, cervical orgasms do not follow a linear progression. The cervical orgasm feels like a pulsing pleasure deep within your abdomen.

An easy comparison is viewing a clitoral orgasm as climbing a mountain, reaching the peak, and descending whereas a cervical orgasm is more like climbing a series of rolling hills.

What Makes Cervical Orgasms So Magical?

Many women praise the magical, profound, spiritual nature of cervical orgasms.

What’s behind this magic? The common theory is that the body releases DMT (Dimethyltryptamine). DMT — a compound naturally occurring in plants and commonly used as a psycho-active ingredient in plant medicine — produces powerful, psychedelic experiences similar to what women describe during cervical orgasms.

Rodent research suggests it is possible that women have our own supply of DMT emitted from the pineal gland or lungs, but research is extremely limited in this area.

How Do Other Women Describe a Cervical Orgasm?

I’ve heard women describe their experiences with cervical orgasms with expressions such as:

  • A full body experience of elation and bliss
  • Totally exhilarating
  • Deeply relaxing
  • Melting and pulsing
  • Becoming one with my partner
  • Ecstatic
  • Spiritually profound

The Cervix Serpent will help you reach a cervical orgasm

4 Tips for Reconnecting With Your Cervix and Experiencing a Cervical Orgasm

Your status in your healing journey is intertwined with your path to a cervical orgasm.

Since it is a non-linear process, there is no wrong or right order for the following four steps to experiencing a cervical orgasm for yourself. Here are 4 tips (remember to feel free to do these tips in any order you desire) for awakening your connection to your cervix.

1. Awaken Your Cervix

When you begin, be prepared that your cervix might be uncomfortable or numb. Rest assured, these sensations will transform into pleasure over time.

Some women find that it takes them up to 20 minutes (or more) before they start to feel something. So don’t worry if it takes you a while. With time, the pleasure will build and you will learn exactly what works for you.

2. Hold Off on Clitoral Orgasms (Just for a While!)

I know this is asking a lot, but clitoral orgasms — as absolutely wonderful as they are — are tension-based and goal-oriented. And neither tension or goals should be on your radar right now.

Cervical orgasms require prolonged relaxation. Holding off on clitoral orgasms while you explore new sensations and feelings allows your brain to better connect to the inner subtleties of your body.

Note: Although you may find it helpful to avoid clitoral orgasms for a little bit, do not be afraid to enjoy some clitoral stimulation. Which brings me to my next point…

3. Allow Yourself Enough Time To Get Fully Aroused

Important: You must be very aroused. In an aroused state, your cervix makes way for deep penetration. To get fully turned on, make sure you take control, set your own pace, and voice your needs openly, honestly, and without judgment. Take as much time as you want or need. As with any process involving self-discovery, this is not a time to rush.

4. Connect To Love

In Eastern sexuality practices, the heart is often associated with the cervix. It may help you to focus on your heart during self-pleasure or feelings of love if you are with a partner. Tapping into these feelings can help open the channel between the heart and cervix.

How To Have a Cervical Orgasm

Some women simply sit still and keep their finger on their cervix for 5, 10, or 20 minutes. Slowly, gentle sensations can turn into fully body throbs, awareness decreases, and physical limitations seem to fall away.

If you want to incorporate some toys, I recommend g-spot wands for deep penetration or glass dildos, specifically The Cervix Serpent. I also recommend The Cora, with a special tapered shape for stimulating the cervix.

The Cervix Serpent glass pleasure wand

The Cervix Serpent glass pleasure wand

I suggest going slow and really allowing your cervix to relax and respond as you go. It can be an intense, vulnerable experience, meaning it is highly unlikely to occur during casual sex or if you are feeling distant from your partner. Your mindset needs to be relaxed, open, and safe.

If you are looking for the best sex position to achieve cervical orgasm, doggy style is where it’s at!

Take Your Time and Enjoy the Journey

Breaking the patterns that get in the way of cervical pleasure and learning exactly how your body works can take time. That is normal and totally ok. In fact, the journey itself can be just as much fun as reaching the end goal. If you can maintain this mindset — viewing the practice and attempts as fun progress — this will automatically get you closer to immense pleasure.

Setting a cervical orgasm as your goal activates your sympathetic nervous system and actually prevents you from reaching it. When you are fully present and relaxed, you can experience a cervical orgasm and enjoy waves of prolonged, relaxed pleasure.

Actually, taking your time and enjoy the practice isn’t just important for cervical orgasms, this is important for ANY type of orgasm that you are working toward.

Healing Cervical Trauma

Many women experience trauma on their cervix after events such as childbirth, sexual abuse, operations, and other procedures. If you need help healing your cervix, I highly recommend either of these courses and The Cervix Serpent as a supportive tool.

  • Yoni Club – A course led by Bonnie Bliss that delves deep into pelvic de-armouring and pelvic tension release.
  • Self:Cervix – Olivia Bryant leads a variety of online courses designed to awaken cervical pleasure. Sign up here.

Are You Ready to Explore Cervical Orgasms?

I am always amazed at the number of women who are working toward knowing and loving themselves fully. It is a true honour to help women make progress toward embracing every aspect of themselves.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to reach out or join my private facebook group which serves as a sacred space for sharing EVERYTHING related to sex, intimacy, toys (and I mean everything) in a safe, honest, comfortable space.