Yoni Massage Guide: How It Can Give You Multiple Orgasms

Learn How to Yoni Massage

Do you want to take your orgasms to the next level? Have you spent your entire life trying to reach orgasm but haven’t yet? Do you want to learn to completely love and accept your body as it is? Do you want to connect with yourself or your partner on a deeper level?

Yoni Massage can help you with all of these areas and more. Read on to learn more about this lovely practice, how to do yoni massage, and techniques for achieving multiple orgasms with yoni massage.

What Is Yoni Massage?

Yoni massage is a healing, powerful, tantric sex practice involving whole body massage, breast massage and (if boundaries permit) vaginal massage. It is a beautiful, healing and pleasurable way of sensually exploring and connecting with your body as well as receiving touch and connection from another person, without needing to give anything back in return.

Yoni Massage or Yoni Mapping practitioners are available all over the world, however always go by word of mouth rather than simply googling the service. I suggest asking in our women’s only Facebook group Yoni Pleasure Palace.

What Are the Benefits of Yoni Massage?

Yoni massage offers a wide range of benefits including:

  • Pleasure!
  • A way to connect with yourself without the pressure of having to ‘perform’ for a partner
  • Feeling more comfortable in your skin
  • Increasing intimacy between partners
  • Creating positivity around sexual exploration
  • May help in dealing with emotional blockages from past sexual trauma

Who Is Yoni Massage Best For?

Yoni massage is a wonderful practice for anyone who:

  • Has never achieved an orgasm
  • Wants to connect with themselves
  • Wants to achieve multiple orgasms
  • Has suffered from sexual trauma in their past and wants to work toward healing
  • Wants to connect with their partner
  • Wants to learn techniques that focus on honouring, worshipping, cherishing, and loving the yoni

Who Is Yoni Massage Best For?

Is An Orgasm the Goal of Yoni Massage?

Yoni massage can be extremely pleasurable, arousing, and lead to orgasm (or even several). However, orgasm is more of a bonus to this practice, not the primary goal.

If you climax or have multiple orgasms, that is wonderful! But the foundation of yoni massage is more emotional rather than sexual.

How To Do a Yoni Massage

1. Prepare Your Mind

Yoni massage is just as much of a practice for the mind as it is for the body, making it important to begin with an open heart and mind.

To maximise your experience with yoni massage, try to clear your mind of any expectations, put aside any judgment of yourself, and just enjoy the process. Pay attention to the different sensations, how you are feeling, and open yourself up to loving, spoiling, and accepting your body.

2. Prepare Your Space

For your yoni massage, set up in a space that you find comfortable and inviting. This could be the floor, a piece of furniture, your bed. Consider adding in plenty of blankets and pillows for a comfortable, soft area and turning down the lights or lighting candles.

3. Prepare Your Breath

Breathing exercises, a key aspect of any tantric sex practice, can be a wonderful way to warm up, relax your mind and body, and prepare for yoni massage. It is also important to maintain proper breathing throughout the practice.

Practice deep, deliberate breathing with slow, audible breaths. This helps keep your body grounded and present, as well as spreading energy throughout your body.

4. Prepare Your Body

Lie on your back with a pillow slid comfortably underneath your head and another under your back. Bend your knees and place your feet on the ground, slowing opening your legs. You can also play around with different positions, some of which we’ll cover later on.

5. Get Warmed Up

Warming up with clitoral stimulation, tantric breast massage, or a sensual body massage are all great ways to get primed for yoni massage. The goal is to become fully relaxed while slowly building arousal.

To do a tantric breast massage, slowly massage the breasts, leaving the nipples alone at first. After a few minutes, you or your partner can gently pinch or tug on your nipples.

Once you are fully warmed up, relaxed, and open, slowly work your way toward your yoni taking time to massage the inner thighs and upper legs along the way using your favourite massage oil. With many nerve endings, the belly is another wonderful, often overlooked, area to spend some time massaging.

Tantric breast massage

5 Yoni Massage Techniques To Try

Once you are warmed up and ready for your yoni massage, there are numerous techniques you can play around with. Here are some of the most popular yoni massage movements to try.

1. Circling

Using your finger, circle the external tip of your clitoris with varying circles from smaller to larger. Alternate the speed and pressure you use to find just the right rhythm.

2. Pushing and Pulling

Using small push and pull strokes, push down on the clitoris. Slide your finger gently down the clitoral shaft. Repeat this on both sides, paying attention to see if one side or area is more sensitive than the other.

3. Tugging and Rolling

Gently pull the clitoris away from the body by delicately grasping it on both sides and tugging back and forth. You can also move lower to tug at both sides of the lips.
Use varied strokes and speeds.

To roll your clit, hold it fir

mly and roll it between your thumb and index finger.

4. Tapping

Use one or more fingers and varying rhythms to tap the clitoris and find out what your body responds to most strongly.

5. G-spot Massage

Using a mixture of slow and fast strokes and a “come hither” movement with your first two fingers, massage your G-spot (the slightly ridged area about an inch or two inside the vaginal canal at the top).

Play around with different techniques, pressures, and speeds, making sure to include other pleasure zones such as the nipples and clitoris in the fun too!

Experience mind blowing orgasms with edging

Positions To Try For Yoni Massage

In addition to exploring the different yoni massage techniques, you can also experiment with different positions during yoni massage.

Solo Yoni Massage Positions

A comfortable, relaxing position is key for solo yoni massage. Here are some great options:

  • Lotus – Sitting with a straight back and crossed legs, rest your palms on your knees. Breathe slowly and deeply.
  • Hand on Heart – Sitting with a straight back and crossed legs, rest your right hand gently over your heart. With eyes closed, feel your heart beating under your hand. Breathe deeply, paying attention to the rhythm and energy of your heart. Allow the connection between your heart and your hand to build.

Yoni Massage Positions To Try With A Partner

Many positions are tantra-friendly, but here are some excellent yoni massage positions to try with a partner:

  • Lotus – Have your partner sit up straight with crossed legs. Rest your body on your partner’s upper thighs, wrap your legs around them, and cross your ankles behind their back. Stare deeply into each other’s eyes and sync up your breathing.
  • Spooning – The massage receiver should be the ‘little spoon’ and lie comfortably on their left side. Be sure to line up your stomach and hearts and try to breathe in unison.

Using Tantric Yoni Massage To Practise Edging

Tantric yoni massage is the perfect chance to play around with edging, a practice that involves bringing yourself to the brink of orgasm before backing off and bringing yourself to the edge again.

After pulling back from the edge and starting again several times, you finally let yourself go to enjoy what may be the most powerful orgasm of your life.

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