How to give your bedroom some good juju!

A bedroom with good feng shui is one that invites you in, makes you feel calm and emanates good energy. You want your bedroom to be a sacred space that either a) makes you want to rest, relax and have a deep sleep, or b) make passionate love or wild passionate sex.

Yep that’s right – your bedroom is only for sleep or sex. Creating a sacred space which cultivates both a sense of warmth and also sensuality can be tricky. So here are some helpful tips to creating a feng shui approved bedroom:

1. Natural Light and Fresh Air

Make sure your bedroom has plenty of natural light and good quality air. Invest in light dimmers, non-toxic soy or beeswax candles or bedside lamps to create a beautiful ambience. Open the windows at least once a day to let in fresh air flow. You want the air you’re breathing in at night to be ionised and not stagnant. You can also invest in an air purifier and diffuse high-quality essential oils like lavender or geranium. At night, make sure you close all the cupboard doors and entrance door to enclose and contain the energy.

2. Make it a tech-free zone

Keep the bedroom technology and gym equipment free. It’s not recommended to have a TV or computer in your bedroom due to the mental stimulation and EMFs emitted. So, when you go to sleep, ensure that you put your lap top in a separate room and your phone on flight mode, so it doesn’t disrupt your sleep. Side note: screens are the biggest sex killers, so pop them away if you want to get lucky that night! Talk about your day, cuddle, look into each other’s eyes, or read an erotic fiction with your partner instead.

3. Plant therapy

Have at least one real-life plant in your room. If you have a small bedroom, a small succulent is best. If you have a bigger bedroom, a medium size plant like a palm is nice. Trial run having a plant in the bedroom for a few nights and see how you sleep. The extra oxygen may feel good for your lungs! However, Author Fawn Chang, says that plants are wood energy, meaning their focus is upward energy, and sleep is a yin activity, so a plant may not be right for you. It works for me!

4. Two bed side tables

In my Sexuality Coaching sessions, I often encourage my single clients to have two bed side tables and two pillows “as if” they have a partner coming home to bed with them each night. This creates the space to welcome in a new partner (if that’s what you want) but also creates more evenness and flow in the bedroom. It’s also important to have both sides of your bed accessible and the bed not facing directly in line with the door.

5. Art energy

If you have art in your bedroom, make sure it’s something that makes you feel good and has a good energy (i.e. not something from an ex-partner, a damaged piece or a painting that is dark/lonely). One piece of art is usually sufficient and something that when you look at, it makes you feel happy. Feng shui recommends a beautiful painting rather than photographs of people. Also having a few raw crystal pieces around the bedroom like rose quartz, clear quartz or amethyst also holds a mystical & enchanting vibration.

6. Keep it clean

My mother always said “Rosie, if your bedroom is messy, likely your mind will be messy!” And she was usually right *rolls eyes*. Before bedtime, I do a big clean-up of clothes and clutter and put it away before I tuck myself in. I sleep so much better when things are neat and tidy, and I wake up to a clean room. Remember your bedroom is a temple space; a space for relaxation and for pleasure. These two things can’t occur if your room is a garbage tip!

7. Colours and textures

A bedroom with good feng shui often has soft and soothing colours rather than bright or bold statement pieces. So, when choosing your new bed cover or cushions, choose colours such as white, cream, grey or skin-colours from light pinks, tanned colours to chocolate browns. Investing in high quality organic bamboo or Egyptian cotton will feel beautiful on your skin. Silk pillow cases and velvet cushion covers feel nourishing on the nervous system.

I hope this inspires you to redecorate, get rid of those old sheets, clear out the clutter and create a beautiful space to sleep and make love. Comment below with any tips you suggest!

Images: Pinterest