4 secrets to working with the Law of Attraction

The other day I was walking out the front of my home to go for an afternoon swim and I took a snap of what I saw in front of me to post on my Instagram story.

Between the banana palms I saw my black mini convertible parked out the front of my beach side apartment as the sun was setting over the ocean. It was a glorious day!

I was like: “WOW, this is my life.”

*pinches arm*

Then I had a pang of guilt, thinking “Oh I shouldn’t post that, people might think I am showing off!”

But then I stopped and thought to myself: “Wait a minute. I have created this and I ought to celebrate it. Maybe I can inspire other people to show them they can attract whatever life they dream of”.


What I go for, I get.

What I dream of, manifests.

What I think about, I create.

What I desire, I attract.


Note: When I say dream life, it doesn’t mean the “perfect” life. Every one has a different perception of their dream life.

Here’s the thing.

This life didn’t just randomly happen to me.

I didn’t just wake up and arrive here.

This simple photo I took is years of working with the Law of Attraction (aka like attracts like) and shifting my thoughts to how I want to feel day-to-day and matching that to the reality I desire.

For example, having a mini car didn’t just happen.

When I was 17 I knew I wanted to own a mini convertible one day. I loved them! So my stepdad bought me a miniature toy mini car for my birthday and ever since I’ve had that toy car on my bed side table, on my shelf or somewhere in the house where I can see it.

“If you see something enough times it will surely manifest in your life.”

And after 10 years of having a mini toy car it did manifest into reality into a real life car!

The same goes for my dream beachside apartment. I put this vision on my vision board and envisioned it numerous times until…taaa daaaa…it has come true!

Anyway, this isn’t just about manifesting your dream car or house…it can also be used to manifest love, peace, joy, health, travel, abundance, synchronicities, you name it.

I took the women in my latest Women’s Nude Yoga workshop (see image below) through the process and they LOVED it! I had one woman say this about changing her thoughts and words she used to describe herself:

“I’m excited to nourish my body and give it what it needs. I put on a skirt (which used to fit me well) on Saturday and it was a little too snug. Old me would rip the skirt off and think, “Fuck, I’m disgusting. I’m not going to eat all weekend.” Instead, new me thought, “Oh well, I still look fab.” And continued to walk out the house in that very skirt. Just small developments!”

So here are my 4 hacks to creating your dream life you LOVE to live:


First things first – fill up your cup baby! You can’t manifest from an empty cup or from lack mentality.

Think about all the things in your life you’re already grateful for. Look at your home, your work, your relationship, your health, your body and see all the ways it is currently serving you.

What are the benefits of all these things you currently have in your life? We are predispositioned to look at the ‘glass have empty’, but let’s change that around!

If you’re new to practicing gratitude, set an alarm for 3 times a day and meditate for 11 minutes on all the things you’re already grateful for.

What you focus on grows.


Everything you see around you, was originally a thought in someone’s brain. The office you’re sitting in – an architect designed that with a thought first. The yoga mat you’re sitting on – a thought first. The car you’re driving – a thought first. Even the child you’re mothering – a thought first.

Our brain sends out a signal, like an antenna, and aligns to a channel (like a radio channel) that most suits the frequency of that thought.

Most people think about what they don’t want. This is why meditation is so important – so you can slow down your mind and observe your thoughts. So take a look right now – what thoughts are you thinking? Maybe you don’t even realise you’re thinking them until you stop and observe the chatter.

What channel are you tuning into every day?

You’re the creator of your life, so what channel do you want to tune into?


So your thoughts create your feelings, which creates your reality.

A feeling is like a magnet; it draws things towards you. Just like our brain is an antenna, our heart is our magnetising instrument.

What do you want to magnetise and draw in towards you? How do you want to feel? Imagine for a moment how that would feel if you already had that (a job you loved, a house you felt at home in, a beautiful relationship)…. Then vibrate at that energy frequency.

This is they key:

Frequently tune into the frequency you want to vibrate at, with intensity!

So for example, if you want to feel “gooey”…(like all sexy, sensual, flowy, feminine, in love and romanced), then vibrate at the frequency of “gooey”. Surely after a while you will attract a partner who will make you feel al “gooey”. Wana know why? Because LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE.

You feelin’ me? 😉


Ask and you shall receive, but remember to have manners and say “Thanks!” to the Universe for having your back.

You know that feeing when you’re happy and high-fiving strangers on the street and you get that perfect car park right outside the shop you need to go in?

That’s the Universe responding to your energetic vibration.

Remember to say thank you for that and acknowledge that you’re working with the Universe and the Law of Attraction and that you appreciate the support, albeit invisible.

On the same token, you know that feeling when you are grumpy as hell, you’re having a bad hair day, spilt coffee on your white shirt, you get a parking fine and receive that really crap email at the same time and bump your head on something? LOL

Yep, that’s also the Universe responding to your energetic vibration. Chances are you are probably not vibrating at your highest vibe and the Universe is trying to tell you something.

Say thanks for that too for realising that you might not be in alignment with whatever you’re doing in that moment.


So I hope this has helped and brought some new insight to your day!

Remember your thoughts create things and you are a powerful manifested and creator of your life.

You are 100% responsible for your life, which means if you’re not happy with it. Change it by changing your thoughts first.

I would love to hear your experience with working with the law of attraction. Comment below.

Love Rosie x

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