13 Questions to Ask Yourself Before the End of The Year

It’s a good feeling to come to the end of the year and feel a sense of achievement and completion.

There is magic in the air with Christmas festivities, summer (or winter) holidays, celebratory parties and family time! So what better way than to look back on the year that was an reflect on what you have learnt, how far you have come and what you would like to cultivate in 2019.

I suggest printing out the following questions or journaling them into your diary. Be accountable and read them out to a friend and get her/him to do the same!

All you need is:

+ 30 – 60 minutes of undisturbed quiet time

+ A pen and paper or laptop

+ An open mind to reflect and be REAL with yourself

+ A close friend to share your answers with

+ Share this on your Instagram story and tag @rosie.rees to spread the love!

So get comfy, put some good tunes on, grab a cuppa and dive deep.

13 Questions to ask yourself:

1. What have been my three biggest challenges I’ve faced this year?

2. What fears have I overcome and how?

3. What am I most proud of?

4. How did I love and take care of my mind, body & soul?

5. What projects have I completed? (business, personal, health, fitness)

6. What have I procrastinated or avoided?

7. Where have I felt most alive?

8. Where do I feel most stuck, uninspired and stagnant?

9. What are old habits, ways of being or addictions stuck around this year?

10. What new habits did I create this year?

11. How am I showing up for LOVE? What have my intimate relationship/s taught me about myself?

12. How did I manage my finances?

13. If I could achieve one thing next year (business related or otherwise) what would it be?

Share this article with someone you love and get them to share their answers with you. Vulnerability and heart-felt communication brings your closer to each other!

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