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Women’s Nude Yoga FAQs

 Women’s Nude Yoga FAQs

Are we fully naked?


Yes. However we don’t start fully naked. You have full permission to get naked whenever you please.

During the yoga we wear no underwear, bras or clothes. Just you and your birthday suit!  

Often I get asked if you can wear underwear, however that defeats the purpose. If you are bleeding, you may wear a tan G-string or knickers, however you are also able to wear a tampon or moon cup in this situation. 

Women arrive to the studio dressed and then get changed into a sarong, kimono or robe. Each studio I teach these workshops has a private space to get changed. 

I’m very nervous, is that normal? 



It’s completely normal to be fearful, anxious or nervous before a Nude Yoga class, since being seen and witnessed naked is a legitimate fear for many people. Once you book in the ticket there is a process of feelings and emotions that arise; waves of nerves, excitement, fear and thrill. Simply witness and observe these waves of emotions. If you feel stuff “come up”, feel into it and allow it to rise and fall away. Try not to analyse too much, otherwise you will talk yourself out of it. My advice is to book in, forget about it, and then just turn up. Enjoy the process.

Just remember: If not now, when? If not who, than me?

I’m menstruating, what do i do?


First of all, don’t panic. It’s ok!

I have taught many a nude yoga class on my period and I survived! In fact, I enjoyed the sensitivity and vulnerability that’s heightened from the experience.

You can either wear a tampon (and tuck the string inside) or wear a moon cup. Perhaps bring a dark coloured towel to sit on on the yoga mat in case of any leakages.

If you’re not comfortable with either of these options, you may wear tan coloured underwear with a pad.

It’s a personal choice, and I respect your decision. There is no reason why you can’t join the class if you are on your moon. What a powerful experience if you are bleeding! 

Who comes to these classes?


There is such a diverse cross section of women who attend these workshops. Women of ALL ages, colours, shapes and sizes and women who have body image issues as well as women who are comfortable with nudity.

I usually cap the numbers at about 15 – 20 to keep the class intimate. 


What do we bring?


  • A yoga mat
  • A towel
  • A kimono (or purchase with ticket or on my online shop)
  • A sarong (to put over your body during savasana)
  • A bottle of water
  • An open mind and heart!

Why are we naked?


We bare all to experience ultimate vulnerability, as it take strength and courage to be vulnerable enough to step out of our comfort zone.

Being naked around other people is a common fear for many people as they are plagued with body image issues, insecurities and inhibitions. By removing clothes, we remove layers of status, judgement, masks, fear, sexuality, separation and preconceptions. By removing layers it enables you to come closer to the other people in room, as we all become equal!

What level/type of yoga is taught?


The yoga is very gentle, restorative and a Hatha-based practice, and is perfect for people who have NO yoga experience and people who have tonnes of yoga experience. During the class we practice a lot of ground-work postures, breath work exercises and sometimes long-hold restorative, yin poses. The yoga is non-invasive and aimed to raise your body awareness and life-force energy. This yoga is perfect for beginners.

Are there any men in the room?


No. There are no men in the studio when we practice. It’s a women’s only practice. Unless we are practicing Couples Nude Yoga, in which case there are men in the room.

Do we take photographs during or afterwards?


Often you might see photographs of the women after the class celebrating their first nude yoga class with a selfie. This is with complete consent. The women in these photographs choose to be in photograph. 

There is absolutely no expectation or pressure to take a photo after the class. In some classes all the women have wanted a group photo (of their bums and backs – no nipples), and in other classes none of the women wanted photographs taken. It just depends on the group.

What happens after the class?


After the yoga class and a relaxing savasana, we share our experience and feast together on sensual snacks.

From personal experience I would not organise to do anything after the class as for some women it can be a very moving experience. I suggest going home, having a hot bath, a herbal tea and bed! Bask in your own magnificence.


What can I expect to feel afterwards?

Women have shared that they have never felt so elated, ecstatic, free, liberated and in love with themselves in their entire life.

The simple act of getting naked is profound for many women as we have often been shamed for our bodies, judged, compared to, abused and embarrassed by the way we look, particularly in comparison to what the beauty industry preaches to the masses.

Some women will comment that they have the best sleep or best sex of their lives after Nude Yoga because they have released all inhibitions!

A lot of women feel sensual, embodied, sexy, wild, feminine, FREE!

Other women might feel tired, depleted, exhausted, emotional, tender, shameful (because of old patterns and conditioning).

For more insight, read the testimonials below…


“I was amazed at just how much I wasn’t in connection with my feminine. How disconnected I was from my emotions. How much I suddenly craved that softness and beauty that is “woman”. My ahuh moment was the realisation that I need that.”
– Rhi

“My ‘ahah moment’ was right at the beginning of the workshop when you said that we give our essence and light to people consciously or not. I realised that I do this a lot with romantic partners and then the list helped me to identify those things that I do. It was good to have that right at the start because it meant I could focus my energy during the practice on regaining my light. It was really special to be able to bathe in the light of others, and become inspired by everyone’s personal challenges and journeys.”
– Johanna

“I found it wonderful to open up, share with and listen to all these amazing women’s stories. How unique we all are, but at the same time how much we all have in common. It was inspirational to be around other like mined women, naked (lol) . I think the biggest moment for me was talking about how other people in my life may be holding me back from reaching and expressing my full potential. That I should not be afraid to shine bright in front of others. A common theme from the other ladies on the night; that we reach a certain age and our internal and external worlds are telling us to “be quiet” “be a lady” (whatever that is meant to mean) “don’t show too much emotion” “don’t be too sexual in the open” (as if we are meant to be these amazing sexual beings behind closed doors but dare not express it to the world for fear of being labelled “too much” or any other nasty word used to describe women.) It was nice to see myself somewhere in the middle of this amazing journey, how far I’ve come from who I used to be and how I can embody the best parts of your workshop to reach a higher level of self love.
– Claire

“Absolutely invigorated. I was so elevated all the way on the drive home. I live in Ipswich so I had a lovely 45 minute drive back from Brisbane to really be alone and connect with my thoughts and process it all before I walked in the door. I could not wait to share with my husband and closest friends in the next few days just how amazing the whole workshop had been.”
– Jane

” Rosie’s workshops are powerfully transformative! They allow a safe space for women to be vulnerable which is such a healing experience and something that humanity needs to heal ourselves and our world.”
– Bec

“Thank you for such a beautiful, welcoming workshop. I felt so safe and weirdly comfortable, considering I was nude haha.I think for me, I didn’t really have an “ahuh moment”, but I just felt an overwhelming sense of ‘“I’ve got this” to be stronger and give me the courage to hold on to my power, especially with giving away my power to seek gratification, empowerment (ironically) and ‘love’ through sex.
– Georgia 





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