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  • Sex can take up a huge chunk of our energy - 
      The thought of sex, the fantasy, the desire, the lead up, the build up, the chase, the choosing (the swiping), the courting, the outfit, the lipstick, the gym work outs, the act of sex, the orgasm, the ejaculation, the 'after-care', the follow up, the safety, the vulnerability - the whole process can consume a lot of our time, energy and emotion. ...if we let it.
  • I don't believe we lose our power, I believe we give it away; sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously. Power often has a negative connotation and is likened to control, domination and having authority over someone or something. This is not the power I am speaking about today. Your true power is your light. It is your essence. Your Shakti energy. Your magnetism. That brilliant inner radiance that burns bright within you. Your womanhood. Your heart. Your womb.

  • As a pre-pubescent 11 year old girl, I would stuff socks down my sister's hand-me-down bras and hope to DEAR GOD I grew big, beautiful, luscious breasts! I was SO excited to become a woman and grow pubic hair, boobs and hips! Fast forward to the age of 16, and I realised I had to settle for a "handful", no shapely Shakira hips, and by that stage I wanted to wax all my pubic hair off! Go figure. I was certain I was going to get breast implants as soon as I turned 18!  "Then I will be beautiful", I would often think to myself. I just wanted to feel like a woman and look like all the women in the magazines.
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